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General | October 23, 2012

Book: DevOps for Developers

We all know development and operations often act like silos, with "Just throw it over the wall!" being the battle cry. Many organizations unwittingly contribute to gaps between teams, with management by (competing) objectives; a clash of Agile practices vs. more conservative approaches; and teams using different sets of tools, such as Nginx, OpenEJB, and Windows on developers' machines and Apache, Glassfish, and Linux on production machines. At best, you've got sub-optimal collaboration, at worst, you've got the Hatfields and the McCoys.

The book DevOps for Developers helps bridge the gap between development and operations by aligning incentives and sharing approaches for processes and tools. It introduces DevOps as a modern way of bringing development and operations together. It also means to broaden the usage of Agile practices to operations to foster collaboration and streamline the entire software delivery process in a holistic way.

Some single aspects of DevOps may not be new, for example, you may have used the tool Puppet for years already, but with a new mindset ("my job is not just to code, it's to serve the customer in the best way possible") and a complete set of recipes, you'll be well on your way to success. DevOps for Developers also by provides real-world use cases (e.g., how to use Kanban or how to release software). It provides a way to be successful in the real development/operations world.

DevOps for Developers is written my Michael Hutterman, Java Champion, and founder of the Cologne Java User Group. "With DevOps for Developers, developers can learn to apply patterns to improve collaboration between development and operations as well as recipes for processes and tools to streamline the delivery process," Hutterman explains.

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