Adopt A JSR!

JUG Leaders have started an 'Adopt a JSR' program for Java User Groups! This program is intended to encourage JUG members to get involved in a Java Specification Request (JSR) and to evangelize that JSR to their JUG and the wider Java community, in order to increase grass roots participation. JSRs cover all aspects of the Java ecosystem, such as the new Date and Time API coming into Java 8 and the latest JEE7 APIs for the cloud. Martjin Verburg, London Java Community(LJC) JUG Leader explained, "With JSR-348 bringing openness and transparency to the way in which JSRs are run, this is a great opportunity for everyone in the Java Community to help the Java ecosystem thrive."

The idea behind this program is to have a greater involvement of JUGs into the Java standards process so that:

  • Standards get earlier feedback, leading to more developer-friendly APIs
  • Standards get 'end user/developer' expert input
  • Standards get developed faster as the community helps with some of the heavy lifting
    of building Reference Implementations (RI) and Technical Compatibility Kits (TCK)
  • JUGs can help with the management of the open source projects that springs up
    around a JSR (managing mailing lists, triaging issues, etc.)

The benefits to JUGs and individual members adopting a JSR are obvious, hopefully. "It looks great on your our resume(CV), gives you new technical and community skills, and much more!" exclaimed Ben Evans, LJC Leader. Along those lines, Java Recruiter Barry Cranford wrote the blog "Give your career a boost by Adopting a JSR."

If you'd like to get your JUG involved, learn more about the Adopt a JSR program. Some JSRs have already been adopted, so please check the page so you can coordinate with other JUGs. Send comments or questions to the JUG Leaders list. Help adopt a JSR today. They need you!

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