A Note on Media in JavaFX

One of the big motivations behind JavaFX is the need for media. Today's forward looking applications don't just use graphics and animation, but also video and audio. JavaFX includes media support right out of the box to let you build cool apps with very little code. You can play an mp3 with little more than the line MediaPlayer { media: Media { url: "http://awesome.com/music.mp3" } }. JavaFX supports a wide variety of media formats depending on your platform, including a set of cross-platform codecs that are guaranteed to work anywhere JavaFX is supported. You can see the complete list here in the FAQ.

As I've mentioned before, this is our first release. Our excitement to get you the bits is driving us crazy and if you stress the media stack, you will discover some of the places that need a little more work. We know about these soft spots and are addressing them in our patch release to come out very soon. All of these issues are listed in our release notes, but among them you'll find that playing more than one high-resolution or large WMV movie on Windows can take a long time to load or freeze. This is also true for videos played over a very low bandwidth network connection. There are also some known issues with "Repeat" not being honored. But hey, why would you want to watch the video again anyway? :-) For each of these cases, we have work-arounds for you in the release notes that you may find helpful.

Head over to the Samples section to check out our media demos and see some of the players that we wrote. Then read the Media Browser Tutorial that will show you how to get started writing media apps. It's very easy to work with media in JavaFX. Even our marketing manager can do it!

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