Thursday Mar 24, 2016

DukeScript and Duke Sewing

 “There is no Java on some of the new devices and we wanted to change that” explains Author and JavaOne rock star Toni Epple. He describes the DukeScript project and how you can use it for cross-platform development on mobile, desktop and web browsers. Discover his new project to automatically sew a Duke design.  

Docker for Repeatable Builds

Learn how to create reliable, fast and repeatable builds. Andrzej Grzesik  presents a case study of an externally facing API project with complex dependencies and different approaches to improve processes and quality. It explores build infrastructure, from under-the-desk bare metal, through ad hoc provisioned VMs, as well as containers. 

Wednesday Mar 23, 2016

New Java SE Releases

Java SE 8 update 77 (Java SE 8u77) and Java SE Embedded 8 Update 77 are now available. Oracle strongly recommends that most Java SE users upgrade to the latest Java 8 update 77, which includes important security fixes. You can download the latest releases from Java SE and Java SE Embedded pages. 

For information on new features and bug fixes included in these releases, see the following release notes: 

Call for Papers JavaOne Latin America

JavaOne Latin America 
São Paulo, Brazil
June 28 - 30, 2016 

The biggest Java event in Latin America is back June 28 - 30 in São Paulo. Join us for a great opportunity to learn and discuss Java, emerging languages, big data, Cloud, tools and more!  Meet like-minded developers and share a fun three day conference.

Be one of the speakers who will share their experience and knowledge at JavaOne Brazil 2016. The Call for Papers is open until April 5, 2016 midnight BRST. Submit your proposals in Portuguese, Spanish or English. Sessions will be in one of the three languages.   

Speakers on accepted sessions receive a complimentary pass to JavaOne Latin America 2016 (one per speaker, non-transferable). 

Thursday Mar 17, 2016

Java Dependency Management with Maven

Maven plays an important part in continuous integration and continuous delivery to speed up the development lifecycle, explains Cesar Hernandez in his article titled "Java Dependency Management with Maven". It is a powerful and mature build automation tool that has become a de facto tool for dependency management in Java projects.

Maven provides many ways to automate the application development lifecycle and the management of Java dependencies for Java projects. A key component of Maven is repositories, places where you can obtain and share dependencies (artifacts). Repositories allow developers to access thousands of tools, libraries, and frameworks from the open source community. Another key aspect of Maven, which has helped it to stay up to date, is its extensive plugin capabilities. To see how to take advantage of this powerful tool, read the article.

Wednesday Mar 16, 2016

Software Module Hell

“The more packages we support the more hell it is” explains JFrog developer advocate Baruch Sadogurdky. He discusses the pitfalls of package management, and what works and what doesn’t work in a module system. 

Tuesday Mar 15, 2016

In-Memory Data Grids‬

What is an in-memory data grid? Senior Solutions Architect Viktor Gamov gives an overview of in-memory grids including their requirements and the best use cases. Watch this video interview with Stephen Chin 

JAX-RS and Hypermedia

How to build a Hypermedia-Driven RESTful Web Service. Sebastian Daschner describes different approaches to realize RESTful services with JavaEE 7 and JAX-RS. Watch his presentation as he shows best practices and different frameworks that accelerate your development.

Thursday Mar 10, 2016

New Java Champion Henri Tremblay

Welcome the new Java Champion Henri Tremblay!

Henri Tremblay has been developing with Java since 1998. In 2003, he became a main contributor of  the EasyMock open source project and created the concept of class mocking. He also invented and coined the term "partial mocking". He is now the lead developer of EasyMock and Objenesis, both of which are projects used by numerous frameworks. Ojenesis is a technical project allowing class creation without calling the constructor. He has also contributed to many Java open source projects. He is currently helping on the JEP 260: Encapsulate Most Internal APIs.

Henri is also the founder of the PerfUG, a user group dedicated to performance. The group currently has more than 400 members. It recently received Java speakers including Kirk, Heinz, Richard Warburton and Jean-Philippe Bempel. He is now involved with the Montreal JUG. 

Henri is a frequent speaker at Java conferences. One of his JavaOne sessions was a hands-on lab with Java champions Heinz Kabutz, Kirk Pepperdine, Ben Evans and Martijn Verburg. Follow him @henri_tremblay 

The Java Champions are an exclusive group of passionate Java technology and community leaders who are community-nominated and selected under a project sponsored by Oracle. Learn more about Java Champions

New Java Champion Marcus Lagergren

Welcome the new Java Champion Marcus Lagergren!

Marcus Lagergren has been involved with the Java platform since the alpha versions. He worked at Appeal Virtual Machines, a performance-oriented start-up offering alternatives to byte code interpretation, slow-running thread implementations and non-native code. As one of the principal architects of the JRockit JVM, Marcus helped make sure that Java became a good alternative to writing programs in native languages. 

Marcus contributed to virtual implementations of Java on hypervisors, when virtualization was still in its infancy, and demonstrated with the JRockit VE project that virtual solutions are good alternatives to physical platforms.  

Marcus worked as a member of the Java language team implementing Java 8. He worked on improving support for dynamic languages on the JVM. Being a performance engineer at heart, Marcus demonstrated that dynamic languages, thanks to invokedynamic, achieve similar performance on the JVM compared to languages with a static type system. 

Marcus has co-authored a book on JVM internals, “Oracle JRockit - The Definitive Guide”. He is also a frequent speaker at Java conferences. Follow him @lagergren

The Java Champions are an exclusive group of passionate Java technology and community leaders who are community-nominated and selected under a project sponsored by Oracle. Learn more about Java Champions

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