Wednesday Oct 14, 2015

Java Champions Speaking at JavaOne 2015

Java Champions will present dozens of sessions this year again at JavaOne! They are an exclusive group of passionate Java technology and community leaders, nominated by the Java community. They are seasoned developers and architects with in-depth knowledge about development.  

These top speakers share their know-how in all the JavaOne tracks including client, core Java platform, Internet of Things, JVM languages, security, tools, server-side, cloud and methodology.  

This year, we created a dedicated page on the JavaOne site where you can easily find the sessions presented by Java Champions. You can find out about their sessions by day and read the session abstract.  JavaOne is your chance to learn from the greatest number of Java Champions! 

Tuesday Oct 13, 2015

Telit and Java ME Embedded 8

By Terrence Barr, from his original blog

In case you missed it, Telit and Oracle last week published a customer solutions brief titled:

Telit Brings Internet of Things Technology Faster to the Automotive Market and Other Industrial Sectors Thanks to Embedded Software Platform

Key quote:

“Oracle Java SE Embedded and Oracle Java ME Embedded are the perfect platform for our 3G and 4G wireless IoT communication modules. “

Java ME Embedded is especially well suited for enabling robust and secure intelligence on the edge in resource-constrained or deeply embedded devices and is being successfully adopted across a number of use cases and industrial sectors, from remote monitoring and industrial control, to automotive and M2M communications. 

Find the solutions brief here (French version here).

Watch more industry announcements and endorsements coming at JavaOne in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday Oct 07, 2015

New Java Champion Edson Yanaga

Congratulations to the new Java Champion: Edson Yanaga 

Edson (@yanaga) is a software craftsman, who considers his craft his life’s mission. Frequent speaker and track lead at international conferences, he presents about Java, ALM, cloud computing, DevOps and software craftsmanship. Agile early-adopter and practitioner since 2004, he's also an open source user, advocate and developer.

He has been teaching software development techniques, domain-driven design, computer networks, distributed systems, DevOps practices and Java technologies in undergraduate and graduate programs for almost 15 years. Recently, he joined the JUG Tour as a speaker, visiting 17 cities around Brazil in 20 days for the 20 years of Java celebration. Occasional blogger and writer, he contributed to RebelLabs and published three articles in Oracle Java Magazine. 

He is part of the software craftsman movement to improve the quality of software and teaches innovative ways of crafting software. He often provides consultant services to help teams implement DevOps methodology. He is an occasional open source contributor to many different projects including Spring Data, Spring Webflow, SQLDroid and others, and responsible for some projects available on Maven central.

Edson in collaboration with Bruno Souza presented several Webinars, conference sessions and a series of articles in Oracle Java Magazine focusing on career development. He is now organizing a new track dedicated to professional development at venues like The Developer's Conference.

Edson is a frequent, international speaker at JavaOne San Francisco, JavaOne Latin America, Microsoft TechEd Europe, QCon, The Developer’s Conference, Campus Party, JUDCon and FISL. He is also responsible for the technical content about Java deployment options on Azure available in Portuguese at the Microsoft Virtual Academy. He also has published a book for undergraduate courses about databases in Portuguese.

Tuesday Oct 06, 2015

JCP at JavaOne 2015

By Heather VanCura  

From original post: Learn the Latest from the JCP at JavaOne 2015 San Francisco

It is that time of year again!  Time to attend the JavaOne conference in San Francisco.  Learn what's happening with the JCP program, JCP.Next, Adopt-a-JSR, meet the 13th Annual JCP Award nominees and potential new JCP Executive Committee (EC) members. There will be plenty of opportunities on Sunday through Thursday during JavaOne 2015. We look forward to seeing you there (full article).

[Read More]

About the Latest Issue of Java Magazine!

How are engineers changing the way they test applications? This new issue of the Java Magazine focuses on test-driven development. Some companies like Atlassian are moving the quality assurance responsibility entirely to developers.  The advanced features of JUnit, a simple framework to write repeatable tests, can greatly increase developer testing abilities. User interfaces require specialized testing tools; for example, TestFX is designed to test JavaFX applications. Browser based applications can be tested with Selenium against multiple web browser types and versions.

The articles about testing are:

  • Test JavaFX apps with TestFX 
  • Eight Greatly Underused Features of JUnit 
  • Building and Automating a Functional test Grid 
  • Stress Testing Java EE Applications 
  • Think Like a Tester and Get Rid of QA 

In addition, you will find the articles about: 

  • Kotlin: A Low Ceremony, High-Integration Language 
  • Functional Programming in Java 
  • Contexts and Dependency Injection 
  • A First Look at Microservices 
  • More Ideas to Boost Your Developer Career 
The magazine is available for free! 

Thursday Oct 01, 2015

New Oracle University Java Courses!

The Java EE 7: Back-End Server Application Development training was recently added to Oracle University. The course teaches you how to build and deploy enterprise applications that comply with Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7 Full Profile. You will learn to develop applications with the following technologies: Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Java Persistence API (JPA), JDBC, Java Transaction API (JTA), Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI), Java Message Service (JMS), Bean Validation, Batch API, Timer services, Java EE Concurrency and more. This new class is available online

Java University at JavaOne offers deep dive training about the popular Java technology. The sessions include: 
  • Architect and Design Secure Robust Enterprise Java
  •  Applications for the Cloud and Beyond
  • Creating Engaging Games with Java FX 8: A Case Study
  • JavaScript for Java Developers: Develop Web Applications
  • Recommended Practices for Java Performance Tuning
  • Stay Current with Java SE 8: Java Oracle Certified Professional Exam Cram
  • The Latest and the Greatest of RESTful Web Services
  • Using the Power of JSF 2.X, HTML5, WebSocket, and JSON
  • Using the Power of Java 8 Lambda Expressions and Streams
Receive a free 30-day Oracle Learning Streams subscription trial when you attend the Oracle University Preconference Training event. Terms and Conditions apply.

Learn more by visiting the Oracle University and Java University pages and add a session to your conference pass today!

Wednesday Sep 30, 2015

Geek Bike Ride before JavaOne 2015

Again this year, the Silicon Valley JUG invites you to the annual Geek Bike Ride the Saturday before JavaOne (Oct 24 8:30am - noon). You will start at Pier 41 in Fisherman's Wharf and ride across the bridge and down into Sausalito, and then take a ferry back to the city. Ride starts at 8:30am so folks can get back for other JavaOne activities. (You'll make it back for sure by 12:00).

This is a beginner/intermediate ride, roughly 8 miles and takes 1.5 hours to ride. In the plan are several photograph stops, and a stop for a treat in Sausalito. There are three big hills (two steep ones going up Fort Mason and the approach to the bridge, and one fun downhill into Sausalito), but (obviously) the bridge is flat and easy. The hardest part may be dodging pedestrians on the bridge! 

All geeks and their friends are invited. Meet at Blazing Saddles bikes at Pier 41 in Fisherman's Wharf at the Blue & Gold Fleet Sausalito/Tiburon Ferry Terminal. If you want to reserve a particular bike, you can reserve it in advance online (even electric bikes!) Bike rental is $30-$40 USD and there's a 10% discount if you reserve online.
The Blue and Gold ferry from Sausalito is $10.50 USD. They are used to having bikes on board.

Transit and parking info: You can take the Historic F Line Street Car to Pier 41 to Blazing Saddles Bike Rental. Parking garages are at Fisherman's Wharf.
Wear your Java Geek bike jersey if you have one!

Sign up on the  Google+  Geek Bike Ride page. If you have trouble seeing the event, email SV JUG organizer Kevin Nilson at kevinATjavaclimberDOTcom.

Follow #geekbikeride for updates.

Pictures from the Geek Bike Ride before JavaOne Brazil 2015 

Geek Bike Ride Sao Paulo 2015

Tuesday Sep 29, 2015

About JVM Debugging

In this interview, Martin Skarsaune discusses his Decentipede project, a JVM debugging extension to monitor and debug applications. He shows how to debug the NullPointerException.  His JavaZone presentation is available here

Thursday Sep 24, 2015

Perspectives on Java Evolution!

To mark twenty years of innovation, the May/June issue of Java Magazine interviewed Mark Reinhold, chief architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle. Reinhold described what has surprised him most about Java's evolution, discussed the importance of retaining the "feel of Java," and offered his opinion on Oracle's stewardship of Java during the interview

He also explained the recipe for how Java evolves: identifying a pain point, figuring out what abstractions are missing, and then adding those abstractions. With that recipe in mind, he discussed the two pain points that Java SE 9 will address: Java is a huge, monolithic platform and large applications tend to be brittle. Both pain points will be addressed in Java SE 9 with a common solution: modules.

In addition, Reinhold discussed his career and day-to-day activities, and he offered some advice to novice developers. Read the interview here.

Tuesday Sep 22, 2015

Java ME Embedded 8.2 Release!

This release expands security functionality and robustness of the runtime, enables new and improved connectivity features, enhances deployment options and brings several highly effective optimizations to the Virtual Machine and core libraries. Released at the same time is Java ME SDK 8.2, which is now delivering the embedded development experience to Linux users.

Part of Java 8, Java ME Embedded 8 is a complete runtime client, optimized for ARM architecture and other resource-constrained systems. It is designed for low-power, limited memory devices requiring support for a range of network services and I/O interfaces.  

Alex Belokrylov wrote a detailed blog about the features of this release. In addition, here are some links for more information:

  • Download Java ME Embedded 8.2:
  • Java ME SDK 8.2:
  • Java ME Embedded 8.2 and Java ME SDK 8.2 Documentation:
  • Java ME Embedded forum:


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