Monday Feb 25, 2013

Java Save Lives at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress used to just be about mobile phones and the industry around mobile networks. Now "mobile" has redefined itself and is about sensors everywhere: cars, scooters, buildings, people, etc. The M2M (or "Internet of Everything") revolution is here, with mobile phones as just one of the many components that create an intelligent, connected world. As the mobile industry moves its focus from voice to data, developers now have the entire world as a potential for apps. The world is literally your oyster (sorry, had to).

With all this opportunity comes decisions to make. Todays' developers have a wide range of choices in terms of what device they are going to use and how to control it. How smart is the device? Do you want it to be tailored and tuned to a specific solution or something more broad? How do you get the data from the device to the data center? The device and platform you choice are key components for a successful implementation. Java has been on devices for a long time: smart cards, cars, ATMs, phones, underwater probes, and more. Java enables devices to be intelligent, scalable and supportable. Want to update a device remotely? Done. Want it to be headless? Done. Want a remote sensor on your grandmother that calls the hospital if she falls, and also lets the paramedics open the door to her house? Done. Here's video that shows Java saving grandma's life at Mobile World Congress:

If you are at MWC, drop by the Oracle booth and learn more. You also have a shot at winning a Raspberry Pi at WIPJam @ MWC 2013 event for mobile developers Thursday evening. See how Oracle and Deutsche Telekom have made it possible to make your coffee by phone, by combining a coffee machine, a Raspberry Pi, Java SE and the Deutsche Telekom network. M2M can deliver your favorite brew (and programming language and platform)!

Wednesday Feb 20, 2013

Java in Action at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona will be a gathering of over 70,000 people to discuss the state of mobile communications. As the MWC brochure says, "The mobile ecosystem is expanding at lightning speed, with endless innovation and new applications of mobile technology." And Java is right in the mobile mix.

How about using your phone to start a coffeemaker with Java? Come to WIPJam @ MWC 2013, an event for mobile developers, and see how Oracle and Deutsche Telekom have made it possible to make your coffee by phone. By combining Java SE Embedded, a Raspberry Pi, the Deutsche Telekom network, and a coffee machine, you'll see how M2M can deliver your favorite brew. Stop by, you may win a prize!

Join Oracle's Java team and 1,000 developers at WIPJam @ MWC 2013, sponsored by Developer Garden, the developer ecosystem of Deutsche Telekom. They will be featuring the role of Java technologies in their developer platform and kit in their sessions. As developers know, mobile technology has proven itself to be a remarkable platform for innovation, and the opportunities continue to grow.


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