Wednesday Nov 28, 2012

Global Day of Coderetreat

From the website:

Coderetreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. By providing developers the opportunity to take part in focused practice away from the pressures of 'getting things done', the coderetreat format has proven itself to be a highly effective means of skill improvement.

This year, the Global Day of Coderetreat is happening on December 8. It sounds cool and fun, and of course, Java Champions and Java developers around the world are involved. Here's a small sampling:

You can go to  to look up events near you. It's a great opportunity to practice your craft.

Here's a video from an event last year to get a flavor:

Sunday Nov 18, 2012

Videos: Getting Started with Java Embedded

Are you a Java developer? That means you can write applications for embedded processors! There are new six new videos up on the YouTube/Java channel that you can watch to get more information. To get an overview, watch James Allen of Oracle Global Business Development give OTN a tour of the Oracle booth at ARM Techcon. He also explains the huge opportunity for Java in the embedded space.

These videos from Oracle Engineering show you how to leverage your knowledge to seamlessly develop in a space that is really taking off.

Java SE Embedded Development Made Easy, Part 1

This video demonstrates how developers already familiar with the Java SE development paradigm can leverage their knowledge to seamlessly develop on very capable embedded processors. Part one of a two-part series.

Java SE Embedded Development Made Easy, Part 2

This video demonstrates how developers already familiar with the Java SE development paradigm can leverage their knowledge to seamlessly develop on very capable embedded processors. Part two of a two-part series.

Mobile Database Synchronization - Healthcare Demonstration

This video demonstrates how a good portion of Oracle's embedded technologies (Java SE-Embedded, Berkeley DB, Database Mobile Server) can be applied to a medical application.

Tomcat Micro Cluster

See how multiple embedded devices installed with Java Standard Edition HotSpot for Armv5/Linux and Apache Tomcat can be configured as a micro cluster.

Java Embedded Partnerships

Kevin Smith of Oracle Technical Business Development explains what's new for partners and Java developers in the embedded space. Learn how you can start prototyping for Qualcomm's new Orion board before it's available. (Sorry about the video quality, the booth lights were weird.)  

Visit the YouTube/Java channel for other great Java videos. <fade to black>

Friday Nov 16, 2012


 Announcing Devoxx London! Taking place on  March 26th and 27th, 2013 right before Devoxx  France on March 28th and 29th, this will be the first  edition of Devoxx UK!. The call for papers begins  on December 1st for Devoxx in London and Paris.  Speakers will be able to present at the two  conferences in the same week. Oracle committed  to fully sponsor the three Devoxx conferences in  2013 with a platinum sponsorship. Over 5,000 developers are expected to attend those conferences.

Five dancing NAO robots welcomed attendees at the keynote. Stephan Janssen offers the JUGs to replicate Devoxx4Kids workshops using his content and web infrastructure.  He recommended organizing kid events because “the workshops were really fun and such rewarding experience.” Stephan also announced the redesign of Parleys with Html 5 and GlassFish. Friendlier to speakers, they will be able to post their slides online before their talks and then sync the talk's sound track with the slides.

Nandini Ramani, VP of product development explained in her keynote address the growing role of Java from enterprise application development to cloud computing to embedded machine-to-machines systems. “Java continues to drive the applications and devices that enrich our interactivity with the world around us” she said.

The Java platform has expanded its reach with the OS X and Linux ARM support on Java SE and Java embedded with two new releases, Java SE embedded and Java Embedded Suite 7.0 middleware platformComing up next year is JDK 8, which will include Project Lambda, Project Nashorn and more. As part of that release, JavaFX will offer 3D and third-party component integration. At Devoxx, the slick and interactive schedules were designed with JavaFX. The earliest version of the Java EE 7 SDK is available for download and has WebSocket support, improved JSON support and more. 

Stephen Chin arrived on stage with his bike, ending his European NightHacking tour. Check the hacking sessions online here

Friday Nov 09, 2012

Devoxx Coming Up!

 Devoxx, the biggest Java conference in Europe, is  only a couple of days away. From November 12th to  16th, over 3,400 developers from all over Europe  are descending on Antwerp, Belgium for a week  focused on Java.

 At the Oracle booth, Java experts will be available  to answer your  questions and demo the new  features of the Java Platform, including Java  Embedded,  JavaFX, JavaSE and Java EE.

 Beer bash at the booth Tuesday from 17:30-19:30 and Wednesday/Thursday from 18:00 to 20:00. Oracle is also raffling off two Raspberry PI and books every day. Make sure to stop by  and enter the raffle during the day.

Check the online schedule with sessions from the Java experts at Oracle.

Sweden: Hot Java in the Winter

No, it's not global warming, but for some reason Sweden is a hotbed of great Java developers and great Java conferences in the winter. First, all three Swedish Java Champions are on Computer Sweden's 100 Best Swedish Developers List. You can read the full Sweden's Top 100 Developers article *if* you can read Swedish (or want to use Google Translate). Congratulations to: 

Jonas Bonér, CTO Typesafe
Skills: In recent years worked with solutions for scalability and availability. Previously, most between programs and compilers.
Other qualifications: Located behind the framework Aspectwerkz and Akka platform for developing parallel, scalable and fault-tolerant software in Scala and Java.

Rickard Oberg, Neo Technology
Skills: Java, and the framework in Java EE and graph databases.
Other qualifications: Founder of open source projects Xdoclet and Webwork. The latter is now called Struts second Rickard Oberg wrote the basics of the application server JBoss. Founder of Senselogic and architect of CMS and portal product SiteVision. Launched frameworkQi4j. Been a speaker at Java Zone JavaPolis, Jfokus, Øredev.

Mattias Karlsson
Skills: Java. Good at agile system development methods and architecture.
Activity: telecom, banking, finance and insurance.
Other qualifications: Runs Javaforum Stockholm. Arranges the conference Jfokus
Frequent speaker at major international conferences such as JavaOne. Holds the title Java Champion.

Also, Sweden is home to some top-notch Java Developer conferences during the Winter:

jDays Gothenburg, Sweden, Dec 3-5. jDays, a dynamic Java developer conference, comes to Gothenburg. In addition to conference and presentations, visitors can join any courses in Java and related technologies for free. 

Jfokus Stockholm, Sweden, Feb 4-6. Jfokus is the largest annual conference for everyone who works with Java in Sweden. The conference is arranged together with Javaforum, the Stockholm JUG. 


Thanks to all the Java community who keep the Java hot in Sweden!

Wednesday Nov 07, 2012

Java Magazine: Growing on Open

The November/December issue of Java Magazine is now out, with several great Java stories, including:

Growing on Open
AgroSense provides an all-Java open source platform for sustainable farming and precision agriculture.

An Engine for Big Data
Hadoop uses Java for large-scale analytics.

JavaFX in Spring
Stephen Chin shows you why to use the Spring framework on the client.

JCP Executive Q&A: Mike Milinkovich
The Eclipse Foundation’s executive director assesses the state of Java and the JCP.

Exploring Lambda Expressions for the Java Language and the JVM
Ben Evans, Martijn Verburg, and Trisha Gee help you get ready for lambda expressions in Java SE 8.

Get Started with Java SE for Embedded Devices on Raspberry Pi
We walk you through getting Linux and Java SE for Embedded Devices to run on the Raspberry Pi in less than an hour.

Java Nation
Get the news from JavaOne 2012 in San Francisco.

Java Magazine is a bi-monthly online publication. It includes technical articles on the Java language and platform; Java innovations and innovators; JUG and JCP news; Java events; links to online Java communities; and videos and multimedia demos. Subscriptions are free.

Do you have feedback about Java Magazine? Send a tweet to @oraclejavamag.

Monday Nov 05, 2012

50 Billion Served: Java Embedded on Devices

It doesn't matter if it is 50 billion or 24 billion, just suffice it to stay that there will be MANY connected devices in the year 2020. With just 24 billion devices, they will outnumber humans six to one! So as a developer, you don't want to ignore this opportunity. What if you could use your Java skills and deploy an app to a fraction of these devices (don't be greedy, how about just, say, 118,000 of them)? Fareed Suliman, Java ME Product Manager had lots of good news for Java Developers in his presentation Modernizing the Explosion of Advanced Microcontrollers with Embedded Java at ARM TechCon in Santa Clara, CA last week. "A radical architecture shift is underway in this space, from proprietary to standards-based," he explained. 

He pointed out several advantages to using Embedded Java for devices:
  • Java is a proven and open standard.
  • Java provides connectivity, encryption, location, and web services APIs.
  • You don't have to focus on and keep reinventing the plumbing below the JVM.
  • Abstracting the software from the hardware allows you to repeat your app across many devices.
  • Abstracting the software from the hardware allows allows parallel development so you can get your app done more quickly.
  • You already know Java (or you can hire lots of Java talent).
  • Java is a full ecosystem, with Java Embedded plugins for IDEs like Eclipse and NetBeans.
  • Java ME allows for in-field software upgrades.
Suliman mentioned two ways developers can start using Java Embedded today: 

Java ME Embedded Suite 7.0

Oracle Java Embedded Suite is a new packaged solution from Oracle (including Java DB, GlassFish for Embedded Suite, Jersey Web Services Framework, and Oracle Java SE Embedded 7 platform), created to provide value added services for collecting, managing, and transmitting data to embedded devices such as gateways and concentrators.

Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.2

Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.2 is designed and optimized to meet the unique requirements of small embedded, low power devices such as micro-controllers and other resource-constrained hardware without screens or user interfaces. Think tiny. Really tiny.

And think big. 

Read more about Java Embedded at the Oracle Technology Network, and read The Java Source blog Java Embedded Releases from September.

Insider News from the Java Team at Oracle!



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