• September 16, 2019

2019 Duke's Choice Award Winners!

Sharat Chander
Director, Java SE Product Management

For the last 24 years, Java technology has expanded the innovative landscape of applications and solutions we interact with either personally or professionally.  And the next 24 years is shaping to be even more innovative, bringing greater opportunities to the technology landscape.  And that's due to the diversity of creative minds who use Java to advance the world we interact with every day.

Since 2002, Oracle's Java Platform Group has given recognition through the Duke's Choice Award to innovators who have used Java technologies in a uniquely innovative manner, whether for a project, personal contributions, in a product, as part of a program or in a service.  These innovations have represented work-in-process, ongoing research, available solutions, or implementation of Java that aides in the delivery or execution of productive functionality in a broad range of environments, use-cases and industries such as in an enterprise business, research facility, educational institution, non-profit program, or open source project, to name a few.

This year's Duke's Choice Award goes to select group of innovators who's Java ecosystem contributions have improved the world around us.  Oracle's Java Platform Group is proud to give recognition to:

  1. JUnit: https://junit.org (developer productivity recognition)
  2. JavaBin: http://java.no/eng (ecosystem enablement recognition)
  3. CarePay: https://www.carepay.com (healthcare innovation recognition)
  4. Jakarta EE: https://jakarta.ee (open source contribution recognition)
  5. Dataverse: https://dataverse.org (university/higher education recognition)
  6. Chris Thalinger: https://twitter.com/christhalinger (community recognition)
  7. Denver Java User Group: https://www.meetup.com/en-AU/DenverJavaUsersGroup (developer learning recognition)

Oracle's Java Platform Group is thankful for the wide variety of Java technology usage in the broad developer ecosystem and is looking forward to recognizing future winners in 2020.

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