2017 JavaOne Live Streaming Day 2

Welcome to the second day of live streaming at JavaOne. Like yesterday, you can watch JavaOne sessions from six rooms at developer.oracle.com/videos. As you are watching the sessions, join the conversation on Twitter using #javaone and follow us @javaoneconf. 

At 8:30am PST, watch Collections Refueled by Stuart Marks. Mark Reinhold presents Modules in One Lesson at 11:00am PST and Migrating to Modules at 1:15pm PST.  On the Java EE 8 side, there are sessions about security, JAX-RS 2.1 and CDI. 

Java SE 9 Sessions: 

The Diabolical Developer’s Guide to Surviving Java 9 [CON4478]
Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tools Available in Your Java 9 “bin” Folder [CON4069]
Java 9 on Mobile (iOS/Android) [CON3699]
Collections Refueled [CON5965]
Modules in One Lesson [CON6120]
Fun Things to Do with Nashorn in Java 9 [CON4178]
Java LangSec: New Security Enhancements in Java 9 [CON4373]
Modularizing Acme Air: A Case Study in Modularizing a Java App [CON2997]
Building Mobile Apps with Gluon and JavaFX [CON5808]
Java 9: Search 9 TB in 0.9 Microseconds [CON4293]
Tuning G1 for Real-World Applications [CON4479]
Migrating to Modules [CON6122]
Modules Are Coming...to Libraries?? [BOF3707]

Java EE 8 Sessions: 

JSR 375: New Security APIs for Java EE [CON3544]
Modern Application and Microservices Security from EE 6 JASPIC to the EE 8 Security API [CON5954]
What’s New in JAX-RS 2.1? [CON3625]
CDI Ecosystem [BOF6113]

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