Insights and updates on Java SE and OpenJDK from the Java Platform Group Product Management Team

  • November 12, 2020

Update on 64-bit ARM Support for Oracle OpenJDK and Oracle JDK

Donald Smith
Sr. Director of Product Management

As of JDK 15, the list of supported configurations of Oracle JDK includes 64-bit ARM systems running Oracle Linux 7.6 or later. Oracle JDK 15 binaries for 64-bit ARM systems can be downloaded at the usual download site on OTN, and the corresponding Oracle OpenJDK JDK 15 Linux ARM 64 binary can be downloaded on jdk.java.net.

The code under the hood comes from the Linux/AArch64 Port for 64-bit ARM systems, which was integrated into JDK 9, along with a separate unified port of HotSpot for 32-bit and 64-bit ARM systems. With JDK 12, the OpenJDK developer community decided to focus its resources on a single 64-bit ARM port. Oracle plans to contribute to this port along with ARM, Red Hat and others going forward.

Besides introducing the Linux ARM 64 port into JDK 15, the same support for 64-bit ARM systems has also been introduced into JDK 11 with the 11.0.9 October 2020 CPU release. Finally, the 64-bit ARM support in JDK 8 is now based on the Linux/AArch64 port as well.

Commercial support for the Oracle JDK on 64-bit ARM Linux systems is available through a Java SE Subscription.

 - Don