Using External Policies

In Manual Web Service Configuration In From Java Case you saw how to manually configure Java web service endpoint. This entry describes how to use external policies for endpoint configuration instead of including policy assertions directly into WSIT config file. The scenario enables you to store and maintain all your policies at one central place... Preparation To be able to reproduce following steps you will need an installation of glassfish v2. (I was using gf v2 b46)I...

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Manual Web Service Configuration In From Java Case

As Fabian mentioned in his recent blog entry (http://blogs.sun.com/ritzmann), attaching policy assertions to webservices created from wsdl could be simply done by inserting the assertions directly into appropriate wsdl document. Today I will show how to attach them in from Java case Preparation All you will need is JDK (http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp) and Java EE Application Server with integrated WSIT. What follows was tested with jdk 5.0 update 10 (http://java...

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Finding Code Generating Log Messages By Ids In WSIT WS-Policy Framework

Recently I got an e-mail containing following log message id: SEVERE: WSP001002: Message was generated by our class in com.sun.xml.ws.policy.jaxws package. In the first place I was wondering where in the code the message had been logged: $ grep -n WSP001002 wsit/rt/src/\*\*/\*.java It returned empty result, even if I was sure such an id was used in the code. And the reason? In policy code we used a convention that log messages starting with WSP<id number> were generated with...

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Measuring Performance of Policy Code in WSIT -- First Steps

This week I have spent some time on measuring performance of our wspolicy implementation and it's impact on overall performance of WSIT (http://wsit.dev.java.net/). Nowadays -- after feature freeze -- we want to spend some cycles on performance improvements. In this blog you can find some initial figures before performance optimization. First attempt For the initial measurement I created two services. Exactly same services just with one difference.One configured using...

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Policy Relationship with JAX-WS

Despite the fact that many developers keep saying (especially when looking for a new job ;-) they do not mind learning new technologies and APIs, when it comes to reality a lot of them mind. Last time I wrote aboutWSIT. The implementation brings new quality features to web services technology and the key to this is having policies attached to particular services. You can read about the details in Marek's blog. The good news is, that adoption of WSIT does not mean switching to...

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