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    February 13, 2009

Magical UNIX Date

We have an old bridge in my city. The city is called Prague, and the bridge is called Charles bridge.
Whenever i am passing the bridge, i recall the date when they started construction. It was 1357 9.7. at 5.31 in the morning. Truly magical and exceptional date.

My colleague Pavel told me today, in UNIX world, such a magical date and time happens to come today
at 13 11:45:21 PST
. Then if you issued the following command for obtaining UNIX time:

perl -e "print time"

You got:

Only UNIX gods know all what came to us with this exceptional second.

Anyway. I have been always curious, how the middle age people managed to start the Charles bridge construction
at the very precisely defined point of time. And still have no clue. Then i have decided to do a small experiment.
Our blogging infrastructure allows us to publish a blog post at an exact time and date. I am curious to see, how precise will it be. Planning this post to be published at a very magical second. And to keep this on Friday, February 13, even for my time zone, changing the magical number to 1234554321, which seems to me a way more magical, then the poor 1234567890 :-) Will see...

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  • Jean-Henry Berevoescu Thursday, March 26, 2009

    Oh, that bridge is absolutely magic indeed. I didn't know the part with the starting date (very interesting trivia), but I remember fondly the times I used to go over it, when I visited Prague (in 1975, 1985 and 1987). Superb city.

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