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    April 27, 2009

Jersey 1.0.3 GlassFish V3 packages split up

Jersey version 1.0.3 is now available also to GlassFish V3 Prelude users
via GFv3 update center. I am writing this, because several changes happened
about how things work there.

As you can see at the snapshot, the first big change relates to number of Jersey packages. Started from the 1.0.3 version, we are providing two separate packages.

We are going to integrate with GlassFish V3 bits, so that people would not need to install Jersey separately. And as we wanted to lower the Jersey footprint in GlassFish V3, we have broken the original Jersey package down into two separate modules:

  • Jersey Core
  • Jersey Examples and Documentation

The "Jersey Core" package contains OSGI modules for jersey-bundle, jettison, and jackson-asl libraries. This should be sufficient for you to deploy Jersey based web applications to GlassFish V3 Prelude without a need to bundle any Jersey related jars with your application WAR file and should be good for production.

"Jersey Examples and Documentation" package contains Jersey API javadocs and some examples. This package should be useful especially for developers, who want to learn Jersey, and see how it works before developing their own RESTful web applications. If you choose this package,
the UC client will automatically install also the "Jersey core" module, and you will get installed everything you need to start up.

A rather cosmetic change happened to location, where jersey subdirectory gets installed into. It has moved from $AS_HOME/jersey to $AS_HOME/glassfish/jersey.

When upgrading from earlier versions of Jersey, you could be a bit confused with consequences of the above described changes. So if you upgraded into a newer Jersey version and try to figure out, where all Jersey examples and docs went, just install "Jersey Examples and Documentation" in addition and it should re-appear in $AS_HOME/glassfish/jersey.

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