JAX-RS Presentation at JavaOne in Moscow

I have just finished my JAX-RS presentation at JavaOne in Moscow. In fact, I have pretty much re-used what Paul and Roberto were presenting in San Francisco. Only dropped the EJB/CDI integration part to fit into the 45 minute time slot. slides demos

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Jersey 0.2.1 Is Out!

Please look at Paul's blog for more details. The very same version should be soon available via GlassFish Update Center.

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Java Webservices Interoperability With .NET 3.0 At Jazoon

At Java One, Harold Carr and Arun Gupta were demoing a real life interoperability scenario showing MS Excel client talking to Java web service endpoint. Slides and demo screen-casts are available at Arun's blog I will show how to implement such scenario at upcoming Jazoon conference. It will take place in Zurich (Switzerland) in June (24-28). Please look at http://jazoon.com/en/conference/presentations.html?topic=Java_and_.NET_interoperabilityfor complete list of Java and .NET...

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Using JSR-88 For Web Application Deployment in Glassfish

JSR-88 introduces unified J2EE API for deployment. You will see how to use it for deploying/undeploying web applications and it will be demonstrated using glassfish Without JSR-88 You have several options how to deploy a web application onto glassfish. CLI interface ($GLASSFISH_HOME/bin/asadmin command) Admin Console (http://localhost:4848/) Autodeployment (place the war directly into filesystem: $GLASSFISH_HOME/domains/domain1/autodeploy) So for e.g. using CLI interface you can...

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