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Marketing’s Top 3 tips for getting AI right

Successful Marketing leaders are using AI to drive better pipelines and finding new opportunities on a regular as we’ve seen in our previous blog. We’ve already looked at AI’s potential and application ─ now it’s time to get down to the business of AI implementation.

Barriers and benefits

AI’s huge potential and rapidly maturing technologies should make implementation a shoe-in, right? Wrong. 2017 data from IDC suggests that 49% of global organisations see internal buy-in as a significant threat to adoption ─ despite the fact that 55% believe that AI will have an impact on customer service within the next two years. Unsurprisingly, a quarter of organisations see investment as a problem.

Consequently, selling AI to colleagues is going to be a primary role for marketeers. But you’ve got this ─ you’re the Marketing Leaders!

You need to demonstrate that investing in AI will energise the business AND deliver to the bottom line. With AI driving factors such as more effective acquisition, improved cross-sell, higher purchase value, customer retention, improved customer experience, improved employee experience and greater efficiency through automation ─ what’s not to like?

Culture, discipline and capability

You have a huge opportunity here ─ with Marketing leading the whole business towards AI and an innovation focused future. Successful implementation of AI will ask three things of you and your business:

  1. Culture: this is about mindset and desire. Innovation powers your business ─ constantly looking for new ways, improving and optimising. Exploiting all of AI’s innovative potential across all of your business demands a culture of creative freedom and aggressive experimentation.
  2. Discipline: creativity is wasted unless it exists in a disciplined innovation framework that can prove the ROI. Employees are free explore AI’s potential and generate new ideas, but these must be tested and constantly refined until the best drive new and better ways of doing business.
  3. Capability: you need the right people, proper investment (both in financial and skills terms) and technology. Your tech needs to be an innovation toolbox ─ which could contain resources such as re-usable cloud services ─ to bring new ideas to the market at speed and scale.

As with any technology, the journey to successful adoption demands the right partner ─ it’s the final, critical success factor. At Oracle, we have the mindset, discipline, experience and resources you need to fully exploit AI and prove your smarts as the marketing leader. Take the decisive step on your journey to AI-driven marketing innovation.


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