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IoT ─ Giving power to customers

There’s a bewildering array of new marketing must-have technologies, including AI, machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT). But what do they actually do ─ for you? The answer is critical to any business that wants to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

IoT is the application of the web to the physical world, rather than the online one. It’s probably most visible in the apps that allow us to turn our heating and lights on from the sofa, the car or even another continent. But IoT can go so much further, which is where and why it intersects so powerfully with customer experience.

How? As a recent article in Forbes put it, “With IoT, customers wait in line less and experience more…. Friction gives way to a seamless, personalized experience.”

That’s the theory ─ and it’s a compelling one ─ but what about real-world application? Here is just one example of a company truly transforming the customer experience through IoT.

A global hotel group, Melia Hotels International, envisaged resorts with multiple themes, with guests moving between them with ease. The sticking point was achieving this without customers hitting artificial barriers. Working with Oracle, the group rapidly developed an IoT powered smart bracelet.

It’s proven an extraordinary success. The bracelet allows customers to enjoy key-free access, cash-free fine dining and shopping, and queue-free activities. Further, clever use of data allows the Group to deliver personalised suggestions, discounts and offers. They understand when and how customers use facilities to better manage demand, which also enhances security ─ no guest is ever lost if they’re wearing their bracelet.

It’s a great example of how the IoT places power into the hands of customers ─ with a business that is always listening and adapting to their needs. It’s automated, it’s secure and it’s seamless. 

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