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Data Security is a team effort

Gone are the days when an IT department alone was able to protect a company’s systems. Given the enormous risk, fending off cyber criminals must be of central concern to all employees, from the receptionist to the CEO. But that brings its own risks, which can be curtailed by emerging technologies.

Today’s landscape is teeming with an ever-growing number of “attack vectors”,  with the newest being crypto-currency mining – a kind of cyber-attack that grew by an astonishing 4,000 per cent in 2018, according to McAfee. “A successful data breach can destroy both CIOs and the companies they work for”, consultancy KuppingerCole warns. “Database security is becoming the new cybersecurity frontier.”

That makes it crucial for IT departments to see Data Security as a team effort. To succeed in protecting their company’s assets, security specialists need to share their expertise and raise awareness for the risks that all employees face in a digital work environment.

“It is critical that cyber risk strategy be built and managed from the ground up, embedded in the business mindset, strategy, and policies, not only within the IT architecture and systems design”, consultancy Deloitte points out. “IT and business leaders must collaborate to determine a comprehensive cyber risk strategy.”

Managed successfully, the advisors conclude, security can become a competitive advantage and “potentially drive an organization’s market position”. It seems obvious that the way forward is to educate people and control the data flow. Ideally, employees should have access only to information that’s mission-critical to them. And anybody leaving the company should immediately lose all access, of course. However, these seemingly simple issues can quickly become overwhelming when accounts come in the thousands.

Cloud services can be an answer to many of these challenges since they allow administrators to centrally monitor and control the flow of information. Solutions like Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud or Oracle CASB Cloud Services not only encrypt all data for maximum security but also automate a variety of time-consuming tasks, such as patching the database with security updates without downtime. In addition, smart systems can detect anything out of the ordinary with the help of machine learning algorithms, immediately block access and alert administrators.

While there may never be absolute security, the right technology choices do make a difference – especially in an era of everyone and everything being connected: by 2030, Cisco predicts, 500 billion devices will be sending and receiving data, communicating among each other but also with corporate systems and companies’ employees. To secure this digital world of tomorrow, human administrators and artificial-intelligence systems will have to work hand-in-hand, with much of the data residing in a trusted, automated cloud environment.

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