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    February 23, 2011

Exalogic–The One Day Installation Challenge

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It’s a really exciting time for the extended WebLogic community as we are enjoying seeing the impressive results of Exalogic deployments.  At Oracle Open World, a lot of people I spoke with came away impressed with the raw performance.  However, Exalogic offers a lot more than just raw performance.  I had the pleasure of working with Ram Sivaram during one of the Exalogic training sessions in Santa Clara.  In this video diary, he shows the Exalogic machine arrive on the shipping dock, get unpacked, wired up, powered on, configured, and installed with a WebLogic Server cluster in just about 10 hours.  I’ve worked with customers in the past that have taken several weeks or longer to get an environment ready after the hardware arrives.  This typically involves many different specialized teams in their organization.  Mohamad Afshar just wrote a great explanation of the benefit of Engineered Systems and contrasting that to the status quo.  Being able to streamline deployment of middleware capacity will have a lot of value for customers shortening time to deployment.  Thanks for the video Ram, you’ve set a high bar, we’ll see if anyone can top your time!


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  • Ram Wednesday, February 23, 2011
    Thanks James. I am confident that our customers will be able to deploy Exalogic in a day by having a good plan. If one does the pre-work (most important are: Network planning, testing and application deployment planning) by going through Exalogic Owner's guide and Enterprise Deployment Guide, they will be able to beat my 10 hour record!
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