Thursday Oct 06, 2011

This Blog has Moved

i am jambay has moved to  There will be no further posts for this blog on  Pleaseupdate your feeds accordingly.[Read More]

Wednesday Sep 28, 2011

Coherence*Web with WebLogic Server Simple Example and Troubleshooting Overview

This quick troubleshooting guide covers a basic setup of a simple sample application using Coherence*Web instead of traditional WebLogic Server session replication[Read More]

Monday Sep 26, 2011

JRockit Flight Recorder Plugin for WebLogic Tab Pack behind a Proxy

One of my favorite demos to show is JRockit Flight Recorder integration with WebLogic Server and the WebLogic Server Diagnostic Framework.  It's a great way to see what's going on in applications and the JVM available without agents using out-of-the-box defaults with WebLogic Server and JRockit.[Read More]

Saturday Jul 23, 2011

wlstonweb - An Innovative Tool for WebLogic Scripting

Antonio De Juan from Oracle Support introduced me to a very innovative web application he built and put on called wlstonweb.  This cool web application has 2 primary features.

1) Interactive WLST Sessions via a web browser

2) WLST Script Management via a web browser

Check out the demo below. 

[Read More]

Wednesday Jul 13, 2011

Create WebLogic Diagnostic Image With Metric Thresholds

My colleague Jeff West pointed me to Stack Overflow today where someone had a question about how to take a thread dump when a certain condition was present.  In their case, they are trying to troubleshoot a low thread count.  Their monitoring tools were missing the critical time window and by the time the thread dump was taken, the threads had recovered.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to see if a Diagnostic Image would contain a thread dump (yes it does), and whether I could automatically set WebLogic to create the Diagnostic Image easily when this condition was presetn (yes it is).
[Read More]

Saturday Jul 09, 2011

WebLogic Server Work Manager Demo Recording and Slides

I have previously blogged about WebLogic Server Work Managers and this simple demo before. Now there is a corresponding set of slides and a recording on the channel to accompany it. The slides also contain some additional detail not covered in the original example around stuck threads.[Read More]

Saturday Jun 25, 2011

WebLogic Server JMS WLST Script – Who is Connected To My Server

Ever want to know who was connected to your WebLogic Server instance for troubleshooting? An email exchange about this topic and JMS came up this week, and I’ve heard it come up once or twice before too. Sometimes it’s interesting or helpful to know the list of JMS clients (IP Addresses, JMS Destinations, message counts) that are connected to a particular JMS server. This can be helpful for troubleshooting.[Read More]

Friday Jun 17, 2011

WebLogic Server–Use the Execution Context ID in Applications–Lessons From Hansel and Gretel

I learned a neat trick this week. Don’t let your breadcrumbs go to waste like Hansel and Gretel did! Keep track of the code path, logs and errors for each request as they flow through the system.[Read More]

Monday Jun 06, 2011

Sharing a Class With a WebLogic Classloader Without Modifying Scripts

A question (mostly original with some slight editing on my part) came up on our internal mailing list today that I thought might be interesting to those that have cloassloader questions. For a quick refresher on the options for classloading in WebLogic, click the image to see a larger image or get the presentation from the bottom of the post on slideshare. The key for this scenario is the DOMAIN_HOME/lib directory.[Read More]

Friday May 20, 2011

Exalogic Disaster Recovery White Paper Published

My colleage Bharath Reddy,  a Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) guru, just published a new white paper Disaster Recovery for Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud on the Fusion Middleware MAA site.  I believe customers want simpler middleware and database DR procedures.  Exalogic and Exadata provide a comprehensive solution from applications to disk, not just part of a solution.[Read More]

Monday Mar 28, 2011

A Few WebLogic and Exalogic Links to end March 2011

[Read More]

Friday Mar 18, 2011

New Exalogic Hardware and Software Whitepapers Available

[Read More]

Wednesday Mar 09, 2011

Oracle Applications Guidance for Exalogic

[Read More]

Monday Mar 07, 2011

Use WLST to Delete All JMS Messages From a Destination

[Read More]

Monday Feb 28, 2011

Look Inside WebLogic Server Embedded LDAP with an LDAP Explorer

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