Simple Oracle IRM demonstration

The following is a very simple set of instructions to demonstrate how easy it is to use Oracle IRM. This page provides a link to three sealed documents that have been protected using Oracle IRM. Before you can play with them, you need to create an account and download/install the Oracle IRM Desktop.

You will find that the zip contains three sealed docs, which you can use to get a feel for the different ways that your rights might control your usage of sensitive content.

Zip of Sample Files

Announcement You cannot edit or cut and paste the content. You can simply read it and close the file when done.
Business Plan You can edit and cut and paste the information around. However, if you try to paste to another document or email, you'll see a message saying that your rights do not allow it.
Chairman's presentation Access Denied - but you see contextual information that helps you understand why access was denied, and what you might do about it.

In many cases, this message will clarify for you that it is appropriate to be denied access - you are not a Board member, so it makes sense that you are denied access to Board documents. Alternatively, it directs you to the relevant business users who might grant access to the document. Either way, the access denial experience is managed to minimise time wasting and frustrating calls to the Help Desk trying to figure out why access was denied and how to gain access if appropriate.

The message can be branded by the organisation, and direct you to the right business users who might grant rights if appropriate.

Now try sealing a document of your own. Right-click on any Word document and select Seal To... from the pop-up menu. On the selection dialog, select L2 Sales (Oracle) and click OK. A sealed version of your document is created. Note that you are not offered the option to classify the document as a company announcement or a board document. Your rights constrain your options to seal as well as to open and edit etc. You don't want everyone, for example, designating things as Board documents.

If you want to learn more and use our evaluation service to protect your own documents and look at the technology in more detail, please contact me.