Complete Guide to Oracle IRM

The following blog articles constitute the complete guide to IRM. This guide is designed to take you from knowing nothing about IRM technologies to installing, configuring and then using Oracle IRM to secure your most sensitive information.

Part 1: Oracle IRM Server installation

Part 2: Management Website installation

Part 3: Client configuration and basic system tests

Part 4: Using Windows authentication

Part 5: Synchronizing users with the IRM Directory Gateway

Part 6: Classification design, mapping IRM to your business requirements

If you are still left with questions after following this guide, please contact me and I can write up what is missing.

Simon Thorpe

Oracle IRM resources

IRM at
Online demonstration
Oracle MIX group
Downloads on OTN
Technical white paper
Business white paper

Want to evaluate how Oracle IRM works? Please contact us and we can quickly setup you up with a hosted evaluation.

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