LaFarge secures sensitive M&A documents in ICSA Blueprint Data Room with Oracle IRM


A very common use case for information rights management technologies is the requirement to protect very sensitive mergers and acquisition processes, Oracle themselves have been using IRM to do this since they acquired the technology. Such information is often shared beyond the classic corporate security infrastructure and there are quite a few companies who package the entire process of sharing and protecting this information into an online service in the "cloud".

These solutions have the challenge of providing an easy to use and simple but yet very secure system. One big problem is how do you ensure that once the documents have been downloaded from the cloud based service, you can still maintain total control over who can open, print, edit the information? Acquisition discussions often break down, which can result in a lot of sensitive information like financial plans, due diligence results and business strategy documents left at a potential acquisition company. This information is now exposed and the company may well be purchased by a competitor. That presents a serious risk to your business and often limits your ability to share information in the first place, hindering your ability to execute efficient M&A projects. "Blueprint Data Room shows excellent security qualities allowing us to fearlessly make our corporate records available."
Jérôme Vitulo (Assistant General Counsel)

This is where IRM technologies can help. Documents and emails secured with IRM are under your constant control allowing you to share information with the knowledge you can revoke access at any time. This can be especially important in the current trend to storing data in the cloud. Cloud data storage and collaboration services are very popular mainly due to cost, but also due to ease of use. Cloud based services are often built on very modern platforms with modern approaches to sharing and collaborating information. They also wrap up many complex processes in easy to use and govern, web based applications. Yet all the glamor of the cloud brings the fears of security. Are you really going to store your most important company information inside a website which is designed to make sharing that information simple and easy to do?

ICSA is a company offering one of those cloud based solutions and has teamed up with Oracle to reinforce its security when protecting their customers most valuable documents. One of ICSA's customers, building materials manufacturer LaFarge (currently the worlds largest producer of cement), have released a case study on how they rely on Oracle IRM to secure their information when used with the ICSA Blueprint Data Room service.


Why Choose Blueprint Data Room?

  • Facilitate communication - Blueprint Data Room allows you to securely store due diligence documents in a central location, easing the exchange of critical and sensitive business information with authorised third parties
  • Global access - Advisers are able to access due diligence documents anywhere, anytime via a standard web browser, a username and password, increasing world-wide business opportunities
  • Configurable - Companies can filter which documents they wish to publish using options such as relevant company or group of companies, category of documents, specific documents and/or date range
  • Highly secure - ICSA Software has teamed up with Oracle to reinforce its security. Its software, Oracle IRM, allows users to benefit from one of the strongest warranties against document fraud and misuse, giving a world-class security application. Oracle IRM extends security to documents that have left Blueprint Data Room by restricting actions on these documents such as printing, opening if not authorised and screenshots
  • User-friendly - Blueprint Data Room is a user-friendly tool allowing everyone to use the application without the necessity of training
  • Fully integrated with other Blueprint applications - No need to duplicate or export documents


Blueprint Data Room is transforming the way companies exchange critical information and is accelerating and significantly simplifying the M&A process. Oracle IRM is a key component to delivering this solution.


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