The Internet of Things from a Consumer Perspective

Ask an average person what they think about the Internet of Things, and you’ll likely get a confused look. For us who work in technology, the concept means a great deal, as it represents the latest frontier in the opportunity to leverage data and analytics to fuel better business performance. I raise this distinction simply because to understand how to take advantage of new data sources from sensors and machines, it helps toconsider what it all means to the now commonplace...

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New Whitepaper- Java and IoT: The Intelligent Platform for the Connected Vehicle

Check out this new Telematics & IoT whitepaper that was just released by Oracle. Question: Has the modern vehicle become the next computing platform to deploy new applications and drive new levels of value for consumer and manufacturers? Java and IoT: The Intelligent Platform for the Connected Vehicle.

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The Internet of Things Will Be Huge, Is Your IT Infrastructure Ready to Support It?

Is your Infrastructure Ready: Interesting post on Getting Ready for IoT Full blog post here:

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Oracle & Java Technology helps Enable the Internet of Things

 Check out how Java is making the Internet of things a reality for industry leaders like Tridium, V2Com, Prosyst and Bosch. Videos below: Tridium Benefits from the Open Framework of Java - John Sublett, CTO for Tridium, shares how running a Java open framework beneath Tridium’s open framework allows for leveraging the entire Java ecosystem while also delivering well-described device data for analytics and higher value applications. (Video) V2COM Delivers Better Solutions with...

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IoT sessions at Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne

Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne are just a few weeks away! If IoT is your passion, please be sure to check out some of these fine sessions and demos at both events. 1. Focus On (key sessions) IoT Infrastructure at OpenWorld 2014 2. Focus on (key sessions) IoT Infrastructure at JavaOne 2014

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Check out IoT at JavaOne!

We are always creating new IoT applications and encouraging others to improve them. Lhings is the networking tool that let us make it very easy. This time we wanted to make something we use in our everyday lives which is traditionally non-technical, as is a table, to be connected to the Internet and then provide new services that could be useful in some applications" explains José Pereda, who is part of the Lhings team. Based in Spain, the team won a JavaOne trip during...

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