• October 18, 2017

Welcome to the New Internet Intelligence Blog

Kyle York
VP of Product Strategy, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and GM, Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit

For more than a decade, our team of data scientists has been publishing their observations about Internet infrastructure and operations. Over the years and through two strategic acquisitions, this team has been known as Renesys, then Dyn Research. Today, we’re proud to call ourselves Internet Intelligence, powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. To that end, welcome to the new Internet Intelligence blog. If you’re a new reader, we’re happy to have you. If you previously followed the Renesys or Dyn Research blogs, don’t worry—you’re in the right place.

When we first began, our observations were enjoyed by a relatively small but influential group of network operators and Internet insiders. Today, these insights are leading the global conversation and breaking news that is consumed by reporters, businesses and the general public. Internet events have gone from niche to the mainstream and have become topics of executive and board level interest.

This increased interest is a result of our overall dependency on the Internet. That dependency has grown exponentially since our team first started writing. So too has the scale, complexity, and volatility of the Internet itself.

Back in 2015, I had the opportunity to host AOL co-founder Steve Case at our office in Manchester, New Hampshire. At the time, I took a look at some Internet statistics from 1995 when AOL was introducing millions of new users to the Internet. Let’s compare those with today:

1995 2017
<1% of the world’s population is online >50% of the world’s population is online
23,500 websites 1,300,000,000 websites
Users spend 30 minutes online per month Users spend 179 hours online per month

via internetlivestats.com

People now spend about a third of their waking hours online. The complexity of the Websites they are visiting has grown as well. In fact, a typical Website now has more than 100 objects (think text, CSS, photos, video, advertisements, social sharing tools, live chat, Partners’ SaaS applications, etc). I can remember not that long ago when that number was under 20.

Network operators must no longer worry only about their on-premise and cloud infrastructure decisions, but must also be aware of their company’s third-party SaaS vendors and THEIR infrastructure too. Issues like the size of the BGP routing table, which once would have been relegated to a meeting of network engineers, are now frequently discussed in tech and mainstream publications. Speaking of the routing table, it has more than doubled in size during each of the last several 10 year periods. Imagine a city doubling the number of streets it has every 10 years. Would you be able to get around effectively and efficiently? The Internet is OUR collective network, and it is all of our responsibility to understand, steward, protect and innovate it’s future.

Scale and complexity are important because they show the importance of the Internet and that the Internet is being used in ways it wasn’t originally built for, which is leading to increased volatility.

In a recent survey, 89% of enterprise IT pros reported that their organization had experienced a disruption in the last 12 months and that those disruptions were painful, excruciating and crippling. What is perplexing about those statistics is that in the same survey, only 57% of respondents reported that they were concerned about a major Internet disruption. More education on the impact and frequency of disruptions is clearly needed.

Disruptions come in many forms, ranging from natural disasters to nation state endorsed censorship to DDoS attacks by bad actors. Companies can prepare for these types of disruptions. I, along with my team, will be sharing in-depth insights on how to do that in the future on this blog, on www.dyn.com/blog, and on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure blog. But one of the best ways to prepare is to be informed about what is happening on the Internet.

That is what the Internet Intelligence blog will provide you, as it has done for more than a decade.

Whether Egypt goes offline during the Arab Spring, or North Korea adds a second Internet connection, or you’re interested in performance implications of CNAME Chains or the impact a hurricane has on the Internet or whether your data is really compliant with GDPR, our Internet Intelligence blog is where you should turn first.

We were able to bring all of that insight to the general public as an independent company. Now we are powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which increases our reach and will allow us to bring you deeper insights and richer data sets, and we are excited about the possibilities that this creates.

There will be more to come, but for now I would like to either welcome you or thank you for sticking around to see what we come up with next. The Internet has never been more important, and as a result, our need to understand it has never been more critical.

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