• April 1, 2015

Governing a Fragile Internet

We all understand the power of the Internet.

It has become a transformational tool in all of our lives. We spend hours each and every day learning information, communicating with friends and colleagues and buying goods and services. And we’ve only just begun to tap the true potential the Internet offers. What it can enable is beyond most of our imaginations.

Yet, the Internet is fragile as well.

My colleagues often chronicle this fragility on the Dyn Research blog. Cable cuts, natural disasters, hijacks and human error can all cause degradations to performance that affect the end user experience. We care about this at Dyn, which is why we offer a suite of Internet Performance products that enable companies to minimize these issues and to become proactive so they are making decisions to actively improve their performance.

But it is not only the Internet’s infrastructure that is subject to change. The policies that govern the Internet as we know it are also under constant debate.

Over the past year I have been attending Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) meetings on behalf of Dyn. At these meeting I have learned about the changes and challenges facing the Internet and how it is governed, today and moving forward. I have been in the room as the smartest minds on the Internet have discussed its future. I want to bring you into that room with me. As Internet users, you are stakeholders and have an obligation to be part of the conversation.

I plan to share what I have learned and how I believe it can impact us as an Internet reliant society. Topics I will share will include Internet policy issues like the transfer of the numbering function from the United States Department of Commerce to ICANN, DNSSEC adoption and why it is important, top level domains (TLD), Internet growth, and adoption in underserved countries or far reaching territories. If these are unfamiliar terms, don’t worry, they will not be for long.

Lastly, I will introduce you to the fascinating world of how the Internet operates and the people who are part of it. It’s a shockingly misunderstood and under-appreciated system that very few understand—yet all of us are potentially impacted by.

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