2017 Internet Intelligence Roundup

David Belson
Sr. Director, Internet Research & Analysis

With 2017 drawing to a close, year-end lookbacks litter media and the blogosphere like so many leaves on the ground. (Or piles of snow, depending on where you are.) Many tend to focus on pop culture, product/movie/music releases, or professional sports. However, given the focus of Oracle Dyn’s Internet Intelligence team on monitoring and measuring the Internet, we’re going to take a look back at significant Internet “events” of the past year, and how they have impacted connectivity for Internet users around the world.

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria Cause Internet Disruptions

In late August, and through September, an active Atlantic hurricane season spawned a number of destructive storms that wreaked havoc across the Caribbean, as well as Florida and Texas in the United States. On the Caribbean islands that were hardest hit by the storms, the resulting physical damage was immense, severely impacting last-mile Internet infrastructure across the whole country. This was also the case in Florida and Texas, though on a much more localized basis. On September 25, we looked at the impacts of these hurricanes on Internet connectivity in the affected areas, noting that while some “core” Internet components remained available during these storms thanks to hardened data center infrastructure, backup power generators, and comprehensive disaster planning, local infrastructure – the so-called “last mile” – often didn’t fare as well.

Towards the end of August, Hurricane Harvey forced hundreds of network prefixes in Texas offline, while a few days later, Hurricane Irma caused similar problems in Florida and Puerto Rico. Sint Maarten was also hit extremely hard by Hurricane Irma, causing complete unavailability of network prefixes associated with the island nation.

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