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Working with 'Throw New Fault' Activity

Carli Gray
Principal Member of Technical Staff


Want the ability to add an Throw New Fault activity at any point in the execution of an integration flow?  Now you can.  You will need to enable "oic.ics.console.integration.throw-action" feature flag to enjoy this feature.

  • Create or Edit an Integration

  • Drag the 'Throw New Fault' action

  • Notice the gray/blue plus icons that appear over the connector lines

  • The fault can be Dropped on any of those plus icons

  • Once dropped enter a Name and Description (optional) for the fault

  • Upon choosing Create, you will automatically be take to fault details

  • The fault can contain information such as CodeReason and other Details

  • To edit the fields you'll need to click the pencil icon which will take you to the Expression Builder to enter the information

  • The user can also provide a Skip Condition which will prevent the fault from actually being thrown

  • Closing the details will return you to the orchestration and the node will be added to the diagram

  • Without a Skip condition the diagram is displayed with a dashed line to the next activity signifying it will continue execution only after executing the fault.

  • When a Skip condition is specified the line to the next activity is solid while the decoration around the fault activity is dashed.  

  • The solid line indicates that it’s possible that the execution of the flow will bypass the fault and go straight through to the next activity.

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Comments ( 3 )
  • Muthu Kumarsamy Monday, November 26, 2018
    This is really helpful since I am new to the technology.

    Carly I need help to understand this OIC.

    Please ping me in my mail id muthu.bct@gmail.com
  • Sridhar M Monday, December 24, 2018
    Can this feature be used outside scope activity..?
  • Monish Munot Wednesday, January 23, 2019
    Carli, What is the difference of between Raise Error and Create Error activity? Is it like after Create error we can add activities while after Raise error we cannot?
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