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Using the next generation Activity Stream

Mamta Sangwan
Senior Member Technical Staff

For debugging an instance or check payload in an instance, user had to use Audit Trail and Tracing on Tracking details screen. Since the information was scattered at two places, user had to keep switching between them to get the complete picture of the Instance. 
With this new Activity Stream, we are clubbing Audit Trail with Tracing information and showing more compact and easily readable Activity Stream.

Note: Next generation Activity Stream is applicable to Orchestration Integrations only.

Prerequisite for Activity Stream

  1. The minimum Oracle Integration version required for the feature is 191030.0200.32180

Step By Step Guide to View Activity Stream

  1. Enable Tracing (with payload if required) for the integration. This is to view detailed payload information during development cycle. For production, it is recommended to keep Tracing turned off.
  2. Run the integration to create an instance.
  3. Navigate to Monitoring → Tracking page and check for the instance user wants to view Activity Stream
  4. Click on the primary identifier link of chosen instance to navigate to Tracking Details page. 
  5. Click on View Activity Stream menu from the Hamburger menu to display the new Activity Stream panel.


To view payload, enable Tracing and payload. Follow How to enable and use tracing in less than 5 min to enable tracing


Features in Activity Stream:

  1. Click on Message/Payload to view (lazy load) the payload for the action
  2. Expandable loop section to view flow execution inside For-Each/While loop (available only if tracing with payload is enabled)
  3. Red node to indicate Error. Errored instances are displayed in a descending execution sequence to show the Error at the very top.
  4. Expand payload to full screen
  5. Date and Time are shown according to User Preferences
  6. Each Message/Payload section has Copy to Clipboard option, that allows user to copy the payload to clipboard
  7. Since payload information is derived from log files (which can rotate as and when newer data gets written), older instances might no longer display the payload information on Activity Stream
  8. There are two level of download 
    • Download button at the top. User can download complete Activity Stream using this button
    • Download button inside Message/Payload section to download specific Message/Payload


To View Activity Stream for a given instance ID:

curl -1 <user-name>:<password> -k -v -X GET -H 'Content-Type:application/json' https://<host-name>/ic/api/integration/v1/monitoring/instances/<instance-id>/activityStream

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Comments ( 3 )
  • Santosh Wednesday, November 6, 2019
    Nice feature! and Thanks for explaining in detail.
  • johnson Friday, June 26, 2020
    Nice Article it is thanks for sharing the details.
  • johnson Friday, June 26, 2020
    i am able to view the activity stream from the monitoring -> tracking page, how ever i am not able to get the full pay load details while using (/ic/api/integration/v1/monitoring/instances//activityStream)REST API , just wondering how to get the full payload details with REST API
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