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Using Stage File Write operation with opaque schema

Namratha Narayan
Project Lead, SOA

Opaque Schema can be used in Stage Read or Write File without having to worry about the schema for the file.

If you select Opaque Schema, then you don't have to specify a schema.
Only condition is that, whatever is fed to the opaque element in the opaque ‘schema’ should be base64 encoded data.


When you have a flow that downloads a zip from FTP, unzips and processes each file in it. Actions for processing each file is inside a scope.

If there is any issue while processing a particular file, and you want to write those files and put it into FTP again.

Stage Write File operation with opaque schema option can be used here to write the files without having to worry about the schema of the file.

This Integration

  • Downloads a zip from FTP, unzips it using FTP Download File operation
  • Stages the file temporarily in Oracle Integration Cloudy using Stage File action List Files operation
  • Iterates over the files using For-each action 
  • Writes the files to staged directory using Stage File action Write File operation with opaque schema
  • Writes the files to output directory using FTP Write File operation


Opaque Schema


To configure Stage File Write Operation with opaque schema :

Select 'Write File' operation, Specify the File Name and Output Directory in Configure Operation page

Select 'XML schema (XSD) document' choice in Schema options page

In Format Definition page

Select a New File

Select 'opaque_schema.xsd'

Select the Schema Element

Select 'opaqueElement' from drop-down list


Map the FileReference of the for-each repeating element (ICSFile) to opaqueElement of StageFileWrite using encodeReferenceToBase64 Function






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