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Using Oracle Integration Cloud to integrate SAP & Oracle SaaS

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Oracle Integration Cloud is your one stop shop for application integration and extensibility. It offers a combination of prebuilt connectors to Cloud and on-premises applications for faster  deployment, ready-to-use process automation templates, and an intuitive visual application builder for web and mobile application development. Oracle Integration also includes integration insight dashboards, that give your business users the ability to track business processes as they traverse different applications .


This blog post focuses solely on how to integrate SAP legacy apps with Oracle Cloud applications, using Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC). 


Oracle SaaS and SAP legacy apps, some integration use cases


Most organizations have applications from different vendors, so we often see many Oracle Cloud Application customers needing to integrate with an SAP legacy application/module.


Here are a few examples -


- Connecting Oracle ERP with SAP ECC

In cases where organizations are moving from SAP ECC to Oracle ERP, there will probably be a period of co-existence where integrations between Oracle ERP and SAP will be required for jobs such as keeping product lists synchronized between the two applications, etc.


- Connecting Oracle HCM Talent Management with SAP Core HR;

Customers who are innovating the HCM landscape for specific domains may have Oracle HCM for talent management or recruitment but the single source of truth from an employee directory perspective may exist in SAP.


- Connecting Oracle Transportation Management with SAP ECC;

There may be companies who are in the process of modernizing their Transportation solution with Oracle Transportation Management, but may still have their main ERP in SAP ECC.


- Connecting Oracle Engagement Cloud to SAP ECC;

An integration may be required between Oracle Engagement Cloud for legacy SAP ECC customers to support opportunity-to-order process orchestration, as an example.



Integrating with SAP legacy apps using Oracle Integration Cloud


There are a couple of approaches available here. For example, OIC includes a rich set of application and technical adapters. This includes out-of-the-box support for SAP ECC and other SAP products such SAP Ariba and Success Factors. The technical adapter stack includes REST, SOAP, FILE, and FTP support too. OIC also ships with its own sftp conform File Server, which can be used as source or target for file-based integrations.


Oracle Integration Cloud also supports many integration patterns including real time, event-driven and file based scheduled jobs. These run-ready integration templates cover most integration patterns needed by organizations that have both SAP and Oracle Cloud apps.   


Furthermore, Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) also includes recipes and business accelerators. For recipes, think of best practices implementation templates of popular integrations. These recipes are surfaced in OIC, all you need to do is to connect these to your applications e.g. SAP and Fusion ERP integration offers an Orders Synchronisation recipe.


So how can OIC integrate with SAP? Well, there are options here. This can depend on how the SAP customer integrates with its SAP modules. For example, one can integrate directly with the SAP modules via, BAPI, RFCs and iDocs, or one could virtualise access via SAP PI (Process Integration)



TECH Adapters vs. SAP adapter


In cases where the SAP customer is exposing API’s via SAP PI, one needs to check on how these are exposed, e.g. s REST or SOAP services. One can then use the relevant OIC technical adapter to implement this connection.


If the customer allows direct access then one can use the OIC SAP adapter which gives you a functional view of BAPI, RFC and iDocs services.


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Both Oracle and Oracle’s certified partners have developed many of these patterns for Oracle Integration Cloud that further simplify integrations and speed up any SaaS implementation. Specifically for connecting SAP ECC and Oracle ERP, check out for instance the pattern from partner Bristlecone at the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.


Interested to learn more?


There are numerous examples where organizations have connected Oracle Cloud Apps with SAP. For more information on specific use cases, check out Arcelor Mittal and Western Digital customer stories at www.oracle.com/customers . 


Want to learn more about using Oracle Integration Cloud with SAP legacy apps? Drop me a comment below or reach out to me at LinkedIn.




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