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  • June 26, 2019

Use schedule parameters as tracking variables

Arya Sanyal
Software Development Director

When we create scheduled orchestrations in OIC, in many instances we add schedule parameters and use them. And then there are many cases where we would want to use these schedule parameters as tracking variables - giving us an opportunity to track instances of the Integration using the value of schedule parameters.

Turning on the feature flag oic.ics.console.schedule.use-scheduleparam-as-tracking-var enables us to achieve this. Let us see how.

  • After turning on the feature flag, let us create a scheduled orchestration and add couple of schedule parameters to it. Here's a example showing two parameters - Position and Region.

  • When we are done modeling the integration, we click Tracking menu to bring up the popup to configure our tracking variables / business identifiers.
  •  In addition to the default startTime variable, Here we can see both schedule parameters listed on the Source tree (left side).

  • Depending on the requirements, we can select one to be a primary tracking variable or a secondary one. In this case, let's select Position to be the primary and Region as secondary tracking variable.
  • Save and activate the integration.
  • Do a Submit Now - to test out. And navigate to the Monitoring -> Tracking page.
  • We can see Position listed as the Primary tracking variable and Region as the secondary. This allows us to track instances using the values of schedule parameters.



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