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  • September 28, 2015

SOACS plus DevCS - Chapters 01 and 02

In this series of posts and videos, we will explore creating and deploying a SOA composite using Oracle Developer Cloud Service.

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Chapter 01 - Overview and Creating First Project

A gentle introduction into DevCS showing what DevCS provides and the basic webpage layout.

See also this quick introductory video set to catchy music (puts my videos to shame) and also this great video which introduces more specifics of DevCS, albeit an older version.

Chapter 02 - Installing Local Software

The following is a list of software that will be used in subsequent chapters:

  1. Oracle SOA Suite 12.1.3 (necessary for some videos)
    • I recommend using Oracle SOA QuickStart to get a SOA server for development use in as little time as possible
  2. Oracle JDK 7 (JDK 8 is not yet officially supported)
  3. Apache Maven
  4. Git (If using Windows, recommend using the included "git bash" or "git shell" when interacting with Git and Maven)
  5. Gitflow (optional)
I installed all the software under a single directory which I called "DEVCS_HOME".  Wherever you install your software, it must be made available on the system's PATH.  In bash, this looks like:

export JAVA_HOME=${DEVCS_HOME}/java
export PATH=${JAVA_HOME}/bin:${PATH}

export MAVEN_HOME=${DEVCS_HOME}/maven
export PATH=${MAVEN_HOME}/bin:${PATH}

export GIT_HOME=${DEVCS_HOME}/git
export PATH=${GIT_HOME}/bin:${PATH}

For Windows users:



set PATH=%GIT_HOME%/bin;%PATH%

While Linux is used in the video series, all mvn and git commands are applicable to Windows.  Any variations will be called out in the accompanying blog.

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