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  • December 11, 2015

SOACS plus DevCS - Chapter 14

In this series of posts and videos, we will explore creating and deploying a SOA composite using Oracle Developer Cloud Service.

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Chapter 14 - Recap and More

This is a quick recap chapter.  The provided video shows how quickly you can go from scratch to a fully built project using DevCS.

When you use the SOA Maven Archetype to generate a SOA project, the resulting pom.xmls are independent of each other.  This leads to fragmentation and manageability issues.  Further, the OSB Maven Archetype generates different pom.xmls that have mostly the same properties.

To combat these issues, I created a parent pom.xml that can be used for SOA projects and another parent pom.xml that can be used for OSB projects.  Both of these pom.xmls in turn inherit from a third grandparent pom.xml.  This provides a single configuration point for most properties.  A project pom need only reference the pom.xml.  It is free to override any properties set in the parent pom.xmls.  Users are also free (and encouraged) to override any properties in their settings.xml.

You can find this project in the following github repository:


This project showcases the following:

  • parent pom inheritance
  • SOA projects
    • SOA Unit tests
    • Shared Metadata
  • OSB Projects
  • Maven Profiles
    • Altering properties using profiles
    • Altering build process using profiles
  • Aggregating projects

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