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  • September 28, 2015

SOA Cloud Service and API Manager Cloud Service are Available!

Scott Haaland
Senior Director
 Oracle is announcing the availability of the SOA Cloud Service and API Manager Cloud Service in the North America and European based data centers.  SOA Cloud and API Manager Cloud work in tandem with Integration Cloud Service to provide the broadest and most complete iPaaS in the cloud.  Here are some of the business drivers that Oracle is meeting with the availability of SOA Cloud Service:
  • Ability for IT to respond more quickly to new business requirements
  • Lower IT run costs by moving integration workloads to the cloud
  • Start new projects immediately by provisioning new Development and Test environments in the cloud in minutes
  • Developers can innovate instead of spending time building infrastructure

Oracle SOA Cloud Service and API Manager Cloud Service are the platform for speed an innovation.  Here are some of the features of this new platform :

  • Quick provisioning of the SOA 12c, Service Bus 12c, or API Manager 12c environment of the size and shape specified by the customer
  • Full access to the platform: Linux root access, EM Fusion Middleware Control console, Service Bus Console, WebLogic Console, etc..
  • Single click patching - patch on your schedule and with a single click
  • Single click scale out - add another VM and managed server with the click of a button
  • Built in backup/recovery - Oracle Storage Cloud Service is used for long term storage of backups
  • Metered subscription pricing - only pay for the number of OCPUs (Oracle CPU, which equals an Intel Core) that you use

Here are some of the reasons that so many Oracle SOA Suite customers have been looking forward to having the SOA Cloud Service:

Faster Time to Market

Developers can innovate and immediately start work on new projects because it is so simple and straightforward to create new environments.  Currently, Developers spend too much time either 1) waiting for a new environment to be available so that they can begin work or 2) build new environments or help Administrators build new environments so that they can finally get started on their development and testing activities.  With SOA Cloud Service, a new environment can be created in a matter of minutes, instead of taking weeks or even months to be ready on premises.


Your SOA 12c projects can be deployed to your on premises SOA environments or to the SOA Cloud.  The bits are the same.  This gives customers the flexibility to deploy their projects where it makes sense to run them at the time, without being locked into that environment going forward.  If requirements change, it is easy to re-deploy the same code to another environment.  This portability means that you can be more flexible and agile, to meet your business requirements as they change.

Easy Administration

Quick and automated provisioning along with built in features like backups, patching and scale out (with more features coming soon) allows Administrators to focus on value added tasks, instead of spending their time on mundane tasks like backups or patching.  The automation of the cloud enables Administrators to innovate and provide more support to the development teams and production support teams with their extra time.  Here are some high level steps that are performed automatically in SOA Cloud and API Cloud, which would have to be done manually otherwise and usually take multiple months to complete :

  • Procure hardware
  • Network setup
  • Storage allocated and linked
  • OS Installed and configured
  • Install all required software: Java, WebLogic, SOA, and API Manager
  • Run RCU to create the database schemas needed by SOA or API Manager
  • Configure the domain for a SOA, Service Bus, or API Manager domain type


“Oracle’s iPaaS portfolio,
which now includes Oracle SOA Cloud Service and Oracle API Manager Cloud
Service, meets various integration requirements and supports multiple
use cases that today’s competitive digital businesses need,” said Ravi
Gade, senior director, IT Applications at Calix.  “It empowers
integration developers to focus on enabling strategic initiatives by
simplifying administration and configuration of the integration

“With 88 percent of
respondents to a recent Ovum survey showing inclination to adopt
cloud-based integration platforms for appropriate use cases, it is clear
that enterprises realize the need for an agile approach to hybrid
integration. Digitalization and the need for greater agility at a lower
cost of ownership are driving adoption of hybrid integration solutions
with an ‘SOA and iPaaS’ combination being a preferred option.
Enterprises should plan to distribute integration processes in a way
that ensures efficient utilization of both on-premise and cloud-based
integration infrastructure and operational spend,” said Saurabh Sharma,
senior analyst, middleware at Ovum.  “Oracle’s unified iPaaS portfolio,
which includes Oracle Integration Cloud Service and Oracle SOA Cloud
Service, combined with its on-premises SOA Suite, enables users to ease
the complexity of hybrid integration.” 

 Where to find more information

Visit http://cloud.oracle.com/SOA  to find out more information. 

You can also read the press release regarding this announcement here: Press Release.

Product Overview Video

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