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  • October 29, 2018

See how easily you switch your integration views

Arif Rafique
Director, Software Development

In OIC, we spend most of our time building the integration. Currently, when you view/edit the integration in editor, it shows the integration in vertical layout. Now, you can view/edit the integration in several ways:

  • Canvas view

    • Vertical: Displays the integration vertically.

    • Horizontal: Displays the integration horizontally.

  • Pseudo view: Displays the integration vertically with child nodes indented. Details about each node in the integration are displayed to the right.

In addition to the above, you can also view the integration outline style.You will need to enable "oic.ics.console.integration.layout" feature flag to enjoy this feature.

The above diagram shows how to select different views and how the integration looks like in vertical view layout.

Canvas view:

Canvas view allows you to select the layout. There are two options for the layout:


This is the default view mode of the integration. In this mode, the integration is shown vertically.


While in Canvas view, you can switch the layout to Horizontal and the integration will be shown horizontally.

Pseudo view:

In this view the integration is shown vertically with indented child nodes. For each node, it shows the details of it. This helps you to easily understand the integration without need to drill down to each node to see the details!  You can use the inline menu to add new nodes/actions. In this view mode, you won't be able to change the orientation of the nodes but you can do the reposition of the nodes , i.e moving Assign inside the Switch node etc.

Outline View:

You can also view your integration as outline. You need to click on the menu and select 'View Integration Outline'.

The outline view is a great way to view your integration at a glance. You can expand and collapse nodes which has child nodes. You can also maximize the Outline view which will also show you details of each node. This view is particularly very useful when you have a large integration and want to understand the functionality of it quickly. Please note that outline is a read only view, you can't use this to add/modify actions/nodes.


Hope you find this feature helpful. Enjoy the integration views!


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