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See How Easily You Can Access Integration's metadata

Many times we may want to use the name of the integration, its version inside the OIC integration flow and we may not want to hardcode the values. And also we may want to access dynamic value like runtime instanceId, invoked by etc., inside the integration flow. All these are possible now with the introduction of a new feature called 'Integration Metadata Access' and it allows access to most of the commonly useful metadata. In this blog, we will see what are the metadata that we can access and how we can use it in the integration flow.

The minimum Oracle Integration version required for the feature is 20.34310

List of exposed metadata 

  1. Integration
    1. Name
    2. Identifier
    3. Version
  2. Runtime data
    1. Instance ID
    2. Invoked by name
  3. Environment data
    1. Service instance name
    2. Base URL

All these metadata are read-only fields and can be used in any orchestration like Assign activity, Log activity, Notification activity etc.,

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Create a new integration or edit an existing integration flow
  2. Add a new Log action
  3. Edit the log message and in the source tree you can see the list of metadata
  4. Drag and drop the required metadata to the expression builder
  5. Save and activate the integration
  6. Trigger the integration flow using the endpoint
  7. Go to Monitoring > Tracking page
  8. Open the particular run and click on 'View Activity Stream' and you should see the Log message which logs the integration name

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