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  • July 3, 2019

Search across business identifiers while monitoring instances

Arya Sanyal
Software Development Director

In OIC Console, a new enhancement has been added which can help users search across primary and secondary business identifiers across instances. To try this out, OIC instance needs to be on (190709.0200.29920) or later.

While on Monitoring -> Tracking page of OIC Console, until now, searching for instances containing a specific business identifier value was limited to either primary identifiers or secondary identifiers. But with this enhancement users can search for values across both identifier types.

The UI search has been enhanced to support this as well as the REST API.

So how does it work? Here's how.

Suppose we have multiple instances of different Integrations and they have common values for primary and secondary business identifiers. This is how it will look like on the Tracking page:

As we can see there are two integrations (Email Test and Hello World With Tracking Vars) with both primary and secondary business identifiers defined.

Let's search with one of the primary business identifier values - James.

In it's earlier avatar this search would list only the instances having a primary identifier value James. But here we can see Instance ID 14 with a secondary identifier value Mark.James@asc.com also getting listed. This demonstrates the power of this simple feature.

Now if someone wants to restrict the search to primary business identifier values (and not consider secondary identifier values), they simply need to prefix the value with primary: keyword in the search field. Here's an example of that. The prefix supports both Primary: and primary: as the keyword.


The REST API also has been enhanced to support this. A new filter businessIDValue has been added to help search across primary and secondary business identifiers.

$ curl -k -v -u username:password -X GET https://hostname/ic/api/integration/v1/monitoring/instances?q=%7Btimewindow:%273d%27,businessIDValue:%27James%27%7D

The existing filters to search for primary and secondary filters remain unchanged.


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Comments ( 4 )
  • Laxman Tuesday, July 9, 2019
    Thanks Arya for your blog.
    Please let me know in which version this feature is available?
    The current version we are using
    Version: (190323.0400.26651)
  • Laxman Wednesday, July 10, 2019
    Thanks Arya for your blog.
    Please let me know the OIC version, where this feature is available.

    Currently this feature isn't working in (190323.0400.26651). Please let me know do we need to activate this feature by Oracle.
  • Arya Wednesday, July 10, 2019
    To use this feature, an OIC instance needs to be on version (190709.0200.29920) or later.

    I updated blog with this information. This is not guarded by any feature flag.
  • Laxman Thursday, July 11, 2019
    Thanks Arya for your response.
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