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Scaling Oracle Integration Cloud

Antony Reynolds
Senior Director Integration Strategy

Latest release of Oracle Integration Cloud includes the ability to scale in and scale out the number of message packs, allowing the service to be scaled up for peak times and then scaled back for quieter periods.  This is useful for companies with very variable production loads, such as retailers.

Below I outline the steps to find these new features.

  • Navigate to Autonomous Integration from Cloud Console Dashboard
  • Open the Service Console
  • If you don’t see the instance you want then hit the view link below the summary.
  • You can access the scale options from the menu to the left of your instance name
  • You can also drill down into your instance and access the scale options from the menu near the top right

Note that if the instance is being backed up then the options to modify it will not be available.

Hope you find these new features beneficial.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Ritu Saturday, February 27, 2021
    What is the nature of scaling service , it it horizontal or vertical scaling for the message packs?
  • Antony Reynolds Monday, March 1, 2021
    Oracle Integration is provisioned based on the number of message packs subscribed. Sufficient resources are allocated for the number of subscribed messages packs. In event that an instance has additional message packs allocated then a check is done to see if more resources are required to support the additional message commitment. If more resources are needed they are automatically allocated. This can lead to an increase in concurrency supported. We do not disclose the actual scaling mechanisms because they can and have changed over time.
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