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  • June 20, 2019

Robotic Process Automation for ERP Modernization

Daryl Eicher
Sr. Principal Director, Product Marketing, Oracle Cloud Platform

Moore’s Law, the principle that the speed and capability of computers are expected to double every two years, has brought successes and new challenges in today’s world. This newfound speed and capability have made daunting daily tasks much easier with help from automation. The future of our work is digital, and with new roles being created, there’s a steep learning curve for those in the workforce. In our latest webcast, the Robotic Process Automation for ERP Modernization we explore the digital workforce and prebuilt RPA connectors to streamline and optimize organizations. To learn more about this topic, I sat down with Eduardo Chiocconi, Director of Product Management of Oracle integration to discuss Oracle Integration and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

What is the value of combining Oracle Integration and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

There are multiple use cases and it really depends on the current problem at hand. If you look at this from an RPA point of view, Oracle Integration's prebuilt RPA adapters can augment the value by providing capabilities to loop in people when the robots have exceptions or errors. Oracle Integration's visual process automation capabilities can help route the problem to the appropriate subject matter expert and the issue can be resolved manually or the person can fix the data and call a robot again to retry the failing transactions. If you look at this from a larger Process Automation point of view, you can call robots as part of a end-to-end digital value chain where businesses can streamline human and robot workloads, with integrations to back-end applications using APIs.

Why is using Oracle Integration and RPA easier with Oracle than other vendors in the market?

Oracle Integration has native RPA adapters to work with the top leading RPA vendors. The RPA adapters hide much of the manual work you need to do on other platforms using the RPA vendor APIs. The RPA Adapter abstract all these specific details and focuses on discovering the robot you want to use from Oracle Integration will then manage all the details under the cover to dispatch the bot execution. This results in a reduced Total Cost of Ownership and drives end to end solutions combining people, robots and high-speed integration to systems.

To learn more register for our on-demand webcast, Robotic Process Automation for ERP Modernization


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