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  • July 18, 2014

Process Documentation in Oracle BPM 12.1.3

Your ability to add process documentation has been greatly enhanced in BPM 12.1.3. Some of the key enhancements are:
  • The narrative view allows you to write and/or edit in plain language. The narrative view is always in sync with the graphical view so you can see immediately the impact of your changes on the model. You can also add documentation to activities in-line.
  • Business properties can be added to processes and activities, and then you can create process reports that will show all properties for processes and activities in one document.
  • New process reports have been added to allow you to create a variety of different business reports to share.

Narrative View

In the first image above you see the graphical view of the Loan Process, while the second image displays the process in the narrative view. To use the narrative view, click the Narrative tab at the bottom left of the Composer page. Once you are in the narrative view, you click on any activity that you wish to edit or after which you want to add an activity.

While in the narrative view, you can add, edit, or delete

  • Documentation in-line
  • Roles
  • Activities, gateways, and subprocesses

Business Properties

You can also add business properties to processes and activities that are displayed in-line in the process reports. To use the business properties feature, you can right-click on an activity in the graphical view and select Business Properties. Or you can open the property panel in Composer and select the business properties finger tab.

In the image above, you can see the business properties categories that are available for the user task Capture Loan Request:
  • General
  • Links
  • RACI
  • Issues
  • Comments
In the active Links finger tab above, you can see the links that have been added to the user task.

Properties can be added, edited, or removed. The RACI properties are available only for user tasks and will not appear if the focus is on an abstract activity. 

Processes have a different set of properties: links, general, and requirements. In the image below, you can see the process finger tabs, as well as the input dialog for a requirement property for the process.

Process Reports

The process reports pull all of the documentation that you've added to a process and/or activities together into documents that you can share. All of the reports are available in HTML, XML, and PDF outputs, and they can be created in both Composer and Studio. To create a process report in Composer, select Process Report from the Composer Main Menu.

To create a process report in Studio, right-click on the process and select process report or right-click on the project and select BPM | Process Report.

Detailed Business Process Report

The Detailed Business Process Report is the most comprehensive report, covering project and process details, activities and their properties, human tasks, services, data models, events, validation errors, and business indicators.

Business Requirements Report

The Business Requirements Report contains all documentation for a project or a process. All business properties, documentation, descriptions, and the flow of the process are included.

Note that the process is sequenced by number in both the Detailed Business Process Report and the Business Requirements Report just like in the narrative view. This helps the reader of the report navigate quickly through the process flow as well as reference particular activities (for example, some readers may find it easier to find " task number 3" in an unfamiliar process than "Review Loan Application").

Other Process Reports

The remaining process reports are table-based reports that provide a more selective view of the assets of a project or process. Below is an example of the Process vs Data Report. In the HTML output, the columns are sortable and filterable.

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