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  • March 5, 2020

Persisting SOA Adapters Customizations

Ravi Pinto
Director, Product Management, Oracle Integration & Digital Assistant

with inputs from Vivek Raj

The lifetime for any customization done in a file on a server pod is upto the lifetime of that pod, the changes are not persisted once the pod goes down or restarted.

For example: Below configuration updates `DbAdapter.rar` to create a new connection instance and creates DatasSource CoffeeShop on Administration Console for the same with jdbc/CoffeeShopDS.

file location: /u01/oracle/soa/soa/connectors/DbAdapter.rar


If you need to persist the customizations for any of the adapter files under SOA oracle home in the server pod, you need to follow one of the below methods.

Method 1: Customize the Adapter file using the Administration console:

  1. Login to WebLogic Administration console : Deployments -> ABC.rar -> Configuration -> Outbound Connection Pools
  2. Create a new connection that is required : New -> provide connection name -> finish
  3. Go back to this new connection : update the required properties under it and save
  4. Go back to deployments : select the ABC.rar -> Update
    This step asks for `Plan.xml` location. This location by default will be in `${MW_HOME}/soa/soa` which is not under Persistent Volume.
    Hence when you specify above location, provide the domains PV location such as `{DOMAIN_HOME}/soainfra/servers` etc.
    Now the `Plan.xml` will be persisted under this location for each Managed Servers.

Method 2: Customize the Adapter file on the Worker Node:

  1. Copy the `ABC.rar` from the server pod to a PV path:

    command: kubectl cp <namespace>/<SOA Managed Server pod name>:<full path of .rar file> <destination path inside PV>

    kubectl cp soans/soainfra-soa-server1:/u01/oracle/soa/soa/connectors/ABC.rar ${DockerVolume}/domains/soainfra/servers/ABC.rar
  2. Unrar the ABC.rar.
  3. Update the new connection details in `weblogic-ra.xml` file under META_INF.
  4. In WebLogic Administration console, Under Deployments -> select `ABC.rar` and click update.
  5. Here, select the `ABC.rar` path as the new location which is: `${DOMAIN_HOME}/user_projects/domains/soainfra/servers/ABC.rar` and update
  6. Verify that the `plan.xml` or updated .rar should be persisted in PV.

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