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  • February 14, 2013

Oracle Process Accelerators Release Now Available

Guest Author

The new Process Accelerators Release ( includes
Previews for Employee Onboarding (EOB) and of Business Account Opening (BAO),
as well as customer-driven updates to all existing PAs.

PA previews
showcase functionality that Oracle BPM customers and prospects can explore,
thus matching their requirements to upcoming PAs. Two previews are available in this release:

  • The
    new Business Account Opening (BAO) preview enables financial services
    providers to streamline the deposit account opening process for small and
    medium size businesses. It provides sample customer facing web pages with
    a guided user interface for entering and submitting a new product
    application, including services selection, document submission, and
    funding details. BAO moves the application through the documentation
    review, identity verification, background checking, account opening,
    funding, and activation stages. A BAM operational dashboard is also
    available as part of this preview.
  • The
    new Employee Onboarding (EOB) preview enables the provisioning process
    required to make new hires productive when they arrive at their first day
    of work. The process scope of the EOB preview includes a new hire
    acceptance of an offer; a hiring manager provisioning using templates of
    services mapped to job. Services such as office assignment and IT system
    provisioning, are then provisioned by the Internal Service Request (ISR)
    PA. The hiring manager can track the status of that request including escalations
    to meet the hiring date requirements.

All existing PA have been enhanced for this
release. Major improvements include:

  • Travel
    Request Management has new cost elements, Departure and Destination
    locations, driven by maintainable tables, providing more accurate travel
    analysis and auditing. These improvements have been driven by customer
    requirements, including those driven by the extended deployment footprint
    within Oracle.
  • More
    out-of-the-box configuration has been added to Document Routing and
    Approval, to match approval patterns in use at different organizations.
  • Public
    Sector Incident Reporting has been enhanced with mobile application skins
    for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, Web Center integration for enhanced
    collaboration between case workers, Geospatial Search and proximity
    calculation capability for more effective map based incident pattern
    analysis, and NIEM reporting.
  • Enhancements
    to the Financial Services Loan Origination (FSLO) PA include selection of
    preferred notification policies by loan applicants, a dynamically
    generated checklist to simplify the document collection process by a loan
    officer, and optional electronic acceptance of loan agreements.

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