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Oracle Integration (OIC) Generation 2 is now available in all cloud tenancies

Simone Geib
Director Product Management

Oracle Integration (OIC) Generation 2
Now Available All Cloud Tenancies All Data Centers

We’re delighted to announce the availability of Oracle Integration (OIC) Generation 2, which runs natively in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Generation 2, for all Universal Credit Cloud Tenancies.

Continue reading to learn about the exciting new functionality that Oracle Integration Generation 2 provides.

Benefits of Oracle Integration (OIC) Generation 2

  • Natively integrated with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console
    • Simplifies creating and managing user accounts, permissions, and Oracle Integration instances
  • Integration Insight
    • Integration Insight in Oracle Integration dramatically simplifies the process of modeling and extracting meaningful business metrics, allowing business executives to understand, monitor, and react quickly to changing demands
  • File Server
    • File Server provides an embedded SFTP server within Oracle Integration, enabling organizations to focus on building integrations without needing to host and maintain a separate SFTP server
    • See Availability of File Server by Region for the latest updates
  • Support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Compartments
    • Organize your Oracle Integration instances into OCI compartments (for example, separate dev, test and production compartments). This lets you separate access to instance creation and control instance level management by department.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    • Provides a rich permission model that gives Oracle Integration users fine-grained access to Oracle Integration instances—for example, manage (create, edit, move, …) or view only
    • Enables you to provide view access to instances per compartment (for example, provide development and test view access but not production)
  • Support for tagging
    • Allows you to define keys and values, and then associate those tags with resources
    • Helps you organize and list resources based on your business needs, and lets you use tags in searches and in policies to assign access to tagged resources
  • Updating Oracle Integration instances
  • Service instance Lifecycle Management (LCM) capabilities
    • Lets you create, edit, and delete instances using various methods such as Terraform, command line interfaces (CLIs), and rich APIs
  • Integration with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring service
    • You can view charts that show the total number of message requests received, message requests that succeeded, and message requests that failed for each instance in Oracle Integration
    • Additional metrics are coming soon
  • Compartment Quotas
    • Compartment quotas give better control over how resources are consumed in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, enabling administrators to easily allocate resources to compartments using the Console. OIC administrators can limit the amount of OIC instances to be created in a compartment.
  • Automating with Events
    • You can create automation based on state changes for Oracle Integration state changes using event types, rules, and actions

Do I get Oracle Integration Generation 2 with my Oracle Integration for Oracle SaaS?

Oracle Integration for Oracle SaaS accounts created on or after February 11, 2020 support Oracle Integration Generation 2. Older accounts should get Oracle Integration Generation 2 soon.

For more details, please contact your Oracle Sales Representative.

What happens to my existing Oracle Integration (Gen 1) instances?

You access your Oracle Integration instances through the OCI console, following the steps in Access Oracle Integration from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.

Over the next few months, Oracle will upgrade your existing Oracle Integration instances. The upgrade will be done in waves, and you will be notified in advance when your instances are scheduled for upgrade.

Please review the Upgrade to Oracle Integration Generation 2 guidance page.

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  • Nitin Srivastava Monday, June 29, 2020
    Excellent Article,
    Would there any change in pricing from Gen1 to Gen2 ?
    Will it impact message pack consumption as per Gen1.
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