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  • January 21, 2017

Oracle Integration Cloud Service 16.4.5 - What's New!

Yogesh Sontakke
Director, Product - Oracle Integration Cloud

It has been a busy but exciting holiday season for all of us in the Oracle Integration team - we released Oracle Integration Cloud Service version 16.4.5 (Winter Release), in December. Here's a quick look at some of the highlights of this exciting release:

  • Richer Connectivity
    • Bring Your Own Adapter interface on ICS Console
    • Swagger Generation – for inbound REST integration
    • Oracle Logistics Connectivity - New Adapter
    • IBM DB/2 Connectivity - New Adapter
    • REST and SOAP Connectivity Enhancements
  • Enhanced Orchestrations
    • Schedule Your ICS Orchestration Flow
    • Drag-and-Drop Iteration/Loop Activities in ICS Designer
    • Import Maps in your ICS Orchestration
  • Create a new a new version of your ICS flow in a click or two
  • ICS REST APIs now v2, with support for REST 1.2

… and several other interesting enhancements!

Bring Your Own Adapter - Register and Use Your Custom Adapter in ICS

Have you built a custom ICS adapter using our Cloud Adapter SDK? Or maybe your implementation partner has built one? Register your adapter to your ICS instance with an easy to use interface and start using it right away. No more waiting or going through manual steps to start testing or using your own adapters. Learn more in the docs here – Registering Custom Adapters

Swagger Generation for Inbound REST Integrations

ICS flows can now be exposed with Swagger for inbound REST-based integrations dynamically. Simply append “/swagger” to the URL that you normally use to view metadata for your ICS flow, and the Swagger description will be dynamically generated for you instantly.

Oracle Logistics – New Adapter

Image result for oracle supply chain management

The all new adapter for Oracle Logistics (Oracle Transportation Management / Oracle Global Trade Management - part of Oracle Supply Chain Management Applications family) takes connectivity to and from Oracle Logistics applications to a new level, with the ICS Cloud adapter interface that our customers have come to know and love. An example use case for this popular application is sending a Fulfillment Line from Order Management Cloud into Logistics Cloud as an Order Release, and sending a response back to Order Management Cloud. In addition to the adapter, our Oracle Logistics Engineering and Product Management team have also provided 11 sample pre-built ICS integrations that illustrate how Oracle Transportation and Global Trade Management might be integrated with Product Hub Cloud, Order Management Cloud, and Inventory Management Cloud through ICS. Note, this adapter is supported only with OTM/OGTM v. 6.4.2 (On-premises) for this release. Learn more in the docs here – Supply Chain Management Adapters.

IBM DB/2 Connectivity - New Adapter

IBM DB2 Adapter is now available, certified for DB2 Advanced Enterprise Edition 10.5 FP 7. This new adapter supports basic functions such as SQL queries and Stored Procedures and advanced ones such as distributed polling and multithreading support. Learn more about this adapter in the docs here – Using the DB2 Adapter.

REST and SOAP Adapter Enhancements

Our REST and SOAP adapters have had several enhancements in this release such as support for partial updates for RESTful resources, ability to send multi-part responses (e.g. an ICS flow to request for an Item detail may respond with a PNG Image of the Item and a JSON document for the Item detail as a multi-part message), support for the target application’s TLS version, support for custom inbound/outbound SOAP HTTP headers and more. Learn all about these in the docs here – SOAP adapter and REST adapter.

Schedule Your Orchestrations

You can now schedule to run your ICS orchestration flows at a time you prefer e.g. a retailer scheduling an orchestration to pick up files at midnight every night for all points-of-sale via secure FTP and uploading to a target SaaS system. Learn more in the docs here - Scheduling Integration Runs.

Drag-and-Drop Iteration/For-Each Loops in Your ICS Orchestrations

16.4.5 continues to enhance ICS’s orchestration capabilities to be even more powerful and sophisticated. Iterate through records in your message or file with an easy to use looping construct – For Each. You can simply drag-and-drop definition of the looping element and cursor. It also provides visual indication of looping scope in the ICS Designer. You could now easily loop through, lets say, all Contacts in an incoming update from CRM and call create/update Contacts in one or more target applications. Try it out now, learn more in the docs here - Looping over Repeating Elements with a For-Each Action

Import / Export Maps in ICS Orchestrations

Not restricted to Map My Data pattern anymore, this popular feature can be now  leveraged in orchestrations too. Learn more in the docs here – Importing a Map file into an Orchestrated Integration

Create a New Version of an ICS Flow

Need to create a new version of your ICS flow without touching a live flow? Simply select Create Draft from the menu and you have a new draft version you can continue working on. Learn more in the docs here – Creating a Draft of an Integration.

ICS REST APIs, now v2, with REST 1.2 Support

ICS REST APIs to manage and monitor integrations, adapters, connections, lookups, and packages are now available with REST 1.2 support. Learn more in the docs here – ICS REST APIs.

Learn More in our Documentation

Get up to speed with all that’s new in ICS 16.4.5 in the documentation here – What’s New

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