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  • January 3, 2016

New Agent Simplifies Cloud to On-premises Integration

Bruce Tierney
Director of Oracle Cloud Integration

Oracle Integration Cloud Service has generated a lot of enthusiasm since the June 2015 Oracle PaaS launch by Larry Ellison.  A major reason for this enthusiasm was the introduction of simplicity to cloud integration...historically a complex process only possible by integration specialists.  We are very pleased to introduce to Integration Cloud Service this same level of simplicity to the integration of on-premises applications allowing for faster and easier integration of existing on-premises applications with cloud SaaS applications.   

Showing on-premises agent interacting with on-premises applications and iPaaS Integration Cloud Service

As shown in the image to the right, the new Agent feature within Oracle Integration Cloud Service eliminates common security and complexity issues previously associated with integrating on-premises applications from outside the firewall.   For example, there is no need to open an inbound port to communicate with on-premise systems and no need to expose any private SOA-based Web services.  Access the new Agent from the menu shown in the image below and let the agent simply and securely handle the communication. 

New Agent menu selection

Furthermore, new adapters have been added to Integration Cloud Service to simplify the integration to on-premises applications.  These adapters are for Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Siebel Customer Relationship Management, SAP, Oracle Database, and the SOAP technology adapter.  The SOAP adapter can be used to connect to any Web service enabled application, including services exposed on Oracle SOA Suite or other on-premises integration platforms.

Prior to creating the Agent or Agents, create your "Connections" to your applications.   Simply select and configure from a wide range of Oracle Applications such as Oracle CPQ Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, HCM Cloud to name a few, 3rd party applications such as Salesforce.com, NetSuite and now with this release to on-premises applications.  See the image below to see some of the adapter choices:

Some of the adapters to pick within ICS

More adapters to pick from for ICS

Also shown in the image above are new social engagement and productivity adapters.  Use Integration Cloud Service to add your Salesforce.com or Sales Cloud events to your Google Calendar automatically or generate tasks in Google Tasks.  Collect rich information about your customers including notes, contact details, etc. into secure notes that authorized team members can view in one place through Evernote.  Get all the professional insights you need from LinkedIn by integrating with your SaaS or on-premises HR systems.  These social media and productivity adapters bridge the gap between enterprise SaaS and on-premises applications and productivity tools.

Now, hybrid integration which uses a combination of cloud-based and on-premises integration has never been easier, more secure, and ready for your next integration challenges.   For more on Oracle Integration Cloud Service, check out http://cloud.oracle.com/integration  or any of these White Papers:

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  • Robert van Mölken Wednesday, January 6, 2016

    When will this be available on the existing instances?

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