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  • September 3, 2018

How to enable and use Tracing in less than 5 min

Muthu Palanisamy
Senior Director, Software Development

In this short blog, I'd like to show you how easy it is to enable tracing in OIC Integration and start tracing your integration flows. When Tracing is enabled, OIC Integration prints detailed info before and after each action that is executed (optionally the payload if needed). Hence care should be taken to make sure that it is enabled only for debugging purposes and turned off before going production.

Global Tracing

Let's assume that you have a requirement where you would like to enable or disable tracing for every integration you have created. You can use the global tracing for accomplishing the same. Enable the Global tracing with below steps:

  • Login as an administrator.
  • Click Settings on the left side.
  • Click Trace on the left side.
  • Select Global Tracing On and Click Save on the top right.
  • Optionally you can select Include Payload which will additionally write the payload.


Integration Level Tracing

If your requirement is to enable the tracing for one or more integrations and disable tracing for the rest of the integrations, you can use Integration Level tracing. Enable the Integration tracing with below steps:

  • Login as an administrator.
  • Click Settings on the left side.
  • Click Trace on the left side.
  • Select Integration Level and Click Save on the top right.
  • After the above step, tracing can be enabled for a specific integration in two ways
    • When an integration is activated, select Tracing.
    • For an already activated integration, use the inline menu Tracing as shown in image.



Checking the info added by Tracing

After the tracing is enabled (Global or Integration), the info logged by the tracing can be used to debug your integration. Check the tracing info using the below steps:

  • Run your integration once.
  • Go to Monitoring -> Tracking and select the instance.
  • Once the instance is opened(showing the run in Green / Red), select the inline menu on the top right and select Activity Stream


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  • Saravanan Thursday, September 6, 2018
    Thanks, any plans to back port the same feature in ICS as well
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