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  • March 27, 2019

Highlights from Oracle Code Innovate @ Cisco

Vika Mlonchina
Product Marketing Manager

by Kseniia Ryuma, Oracle Solution Engineer

Learning by doing refers to a theory of education expounded by American philosopher John Dewey. Passive and theoretical knowledge without proper relevant practice is inefficient. Oracle Cloud Innovate is the way to find solutions for your needs. The Oracle team provides the resources such as space, food, tools - Oracle Cloud Environment, a team of Oracle Cloud experts, and a vibrant attitude, so developers of your company can collaborate and build solutions. Oracle Code Innovate is a sprint-like event in which programmers and others are involved in building Enterprise level solutions.

 A couple of weeks ago, Oracle Code Innovate took place at Cisco. The room was full of Cisco engineers with over 10 years of developing experience. The audience was eager to learn about ways to Integrate with Oracle's E-Business Suite on-premises (also known as Applications/Apps or EB-Suite/EBS). EBS consists of enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and supply chain management (SCM) computer applications. During Code Innovate, Cisco engineers were interested in implementing uses cases such as:

  1. Transactional Integration from on-premise ERP to Sales Cloud
  2. Data extract from SaaS Cloud to on-premise DB
  3. Web-service integration from SaaS business event
  4. Data migration for Master Data, Historical Transactional Data, and Audit Strategy.

All the developers were familiar with Cloud Technology, but they knew little about the Oracle Cloud Full Stack tool kit. The developers’ reactions were priceless when we announced that they’d be able to build Proof of Concepts in a matter of just two days. The Oracle Team started the session with a high-level overview of Oracle Integration, Visual Builder Studio, and Oracle Data Integration Platform. Then, developers were given time to form a team and present the idea that they want to brainstorm. At the end of the first day, we had 30 developers (comprising six teams with five members each) who all understood the capabilities of Oracle Integration.

The second and third days were devoted to Making, Breaking, and Building. Each team was assigned to at least one Oracle Cloud Specialist who could assist the developers if any question arose. The Agile approach of Code Innovate allowed developers to stay on track and show the results along the way. The misconception that progress could not be made in such a short period of time was eliminated quickly. As evidence, one of the developers who completed integration from SOAP to REST started clapping saying that he didn’t expect Oracle Integration to work so smoothly after seeing the integration run.

In the end, developers gained experience working with Oracle Integration which helped them to extend their EBS on-premises capabilities. Solutions allowed real-time visibility into all aspects of the Cisco businesses, assurance that their data is accurate and synchronized, and last but not least, options to streamline business operations. Moreover, after lunch of the third day, the developers were given time to prepare their pitches and to run their demos in front of judges - Cisco PMs and Executives. The results exceeded expectations from both sides - Oracle and Cisco.

Companies who agree to collaborate for Oracle Code Innovate increase their innovational power. Since all Oracle Cloud tools are low code and intuitive to use, any employee with adequate assistance can master this tool in a short amount of time. Companies such as Cisco, McAfee, and others saw the value of participating in Code Innovate. They were convinced that Oracle Cloud lives up to its claims!

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