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Confirmation dialog for Submit Now and Start Schedule

Sumit Tomar
Senior Member Technical Staff

Submit Now operation is the most convenient way to invoke a scheduled integration in Oracle Integration Cloud.

Introduction of confirmation dialog for Submit Now operation helps users to avoid unintended submission of submit now request and also allows them to run submit now as part of scheduled runs.

How it works

User can perform Submit Now from Integrations Landing page, Schedule Overview page, and Monitoring Integrations page as shown below.

Integrations Landing page:

Integrations Landing Page

Schedule Overview page:

Schedule Overview Page

Monitoring Integrations page:

Monitoring Integrations Page

Clicking the Submit Now option displays a dialog as shown below.

Submit Now Dialog

User can choose either of the following available options for submitting the request:

  • Ad hoc request (selected by default)

This type of submit now request executes independent of the scheduled runs (if any) for the integration - so it does not block, nor gets blocked, by an executing scheduled run. Also, It does not share schedule parameter values from scheduled run.

  • As part of schedule

Submit Now request submitted with As part of schedule option executes in sequence with scheduled runs (if any) and updates values of schedule parameters (if any) from scheduled run. So, If there is an executing scheduled run the submit now run will have to wait till the scheduled run completes.


Submit Now operation can also be performed via REST API.

  • Ad hoc request

$  curl -v -X POST -u <username>:<password> https://<hostname>/ic/api/integration/v1/integrations/<integration_code>%7C<integration_version>/schedule/jobs

  • As part of schedule

$ curl -v -X POST -u <username>:<password> -H 'Content-Type:application/json' -d '{"runAsSchedule": true}' https://<hostname>/ic/api/integration/v1/integrations/<integration_code>%7C<integration_version>/schedule/jobs

Confirmation dialog for Start Schedule

User can use Start Schedule option to start the schedule from Schedule Overview page as shown below.

Start Schedule Option

Clicking the Start Schedule option displays a dialog (as shown below), which provides Cancel option to opt-out from starting the schedule.

Start Schedule Dialog

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