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Choosing Your Update Window

Antony Reynolds
Senior Director Integration Strategy

Starting in the November Quarterly release we will allow customers to choose between two update windows for their OIC Generation 2 instances.

What is an Update Window?

We currently provide OIC functional updates every quarter. For OIC Generation 2 instances we do this in two windows, usually two weeks apart. Starting with the November release we will allow customers to select the windows in which they wish to be updated. We recommend that non-production instances are updated in the first window and production instances in the second window. This allows customers to sanity check the update before it is applied to production instances.

How Do I Select a Window?

We use the OCI tagging mechanism to identify the window in which an OIC instance should be updated. We currently look at one tag : OIC_UPDATE_WINDOW1. If that tag is set then we update the instance in window 1, otherwise we update it in window 2.

The rules for the update window are outlined in the flow chart below:

Note that if the tag is not set then update window 2 is selected. In other words window 1 is only selected if the OIC_UPDATE_WINDOW1 tag is attached to the instance.

How Do I Tag an Instance?

Tagging of an instance can be accomplished from the OCI console.

Navigate to the OIC instance you want to tag.

Press Add Tags button.

Enter the tag as the tag key, for example OIC_UPDATE_WINDOW1. Do not select a namespace. There is no need to enter a value for the tag.

After adding a tag you can verify it is set by selecting the tags tab and choosing the Free Form Tags section to view the tags applied.

How Do I Change the Update Window?

You change the update window by deleting the tag and creating a new tag. If you need to delete the tag you can click the pencil next to the tag and then you have the option to remove it.

When Do I Need to Set My Tag?

The cutoff for tagging instances for the November Window 1 update is October 26.  We will send a notification two weeks before the update to confirm which instances are being updated. Cutoff dates for future update window changes will be announced closer to their release dates.

Can I Use Other Tags?

For purposes of update window we only look for the OIC_UPDATE_WINDOW1 tag. You are free to use other tags. For example you may want to tag instances targeted for window two with an OIC_UPDATE_WINDOW2 or OIC_UPDATE_DEFAULT_WINDOW tag to make them easy to identify, but this tag will have no impact on the actual window being used. If an instance has OIC_UPDATE_WINDOW1 tag attached to it then it will be updated in window 1 regardless of the existence or otherwise of other tags.


Starting with the next functional update in November you can choose one of two windows for your OIC instances to be updated. You select the window by using OCI tagging to identify the window the instance should be updated in. We hope that you like the additional control this gives you over the update process.

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