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BOT Orchestra by Oracle Integration

Nicolas Damonte
Sr. Software Director


Oracle Integration has the best of breed RSO (Robotic Service Orchestration) support 

But before justifying it, let’s start by explaining what RSO is and the differences with RPA.

The What …

RSO (Robotic Service Orchestration) is basically managing bots in the context of a business process, just like they would manage people. 

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) enables the automation of manual tasks using UI Scrapping technologies. The value proposition is using bots to perform repetitive manual tasks (like data entry) mainly on legacy systems (with no APIs). 


The Difference …

RPA was designed to performs tasks, not to manage end to end services.
RSO is about end to end services, managing their full orchestration and fostering a continuous improvement lifecycle. 


The Justification …

  • Oracle Integration is a leader player on the integration & business process arena (More).
  • Oracle Integration is designed to support end to end services (More).
  • Oracle Integration offers native connectivity with RPA vendors. 
  • Oracle Integration provides all the tools you need to manage BOT error/exception handling, such as:
    • Integration error hospital, errors, etc.
    • Business process exception handling.
    • Human error handling.
  • Oracle Integration exposes RPA BOTs as first class citizens during the modeling experience.
    • Drag & Drop, and easy to consume from the process palette.
    • Curated interfaces.
    • Dedicated process BOT activity (Q2’ 19).
  • Oracle Integration can connect to any RPA vendor through APIs:
    • Using integration REST/SOAP connectivity.
    • Creating a custom adapter.


Patterns …

  • Non decision making repetitive human tasks
    • Transform manual repetitive tasks performed by people to automated RPA transactions. 
    • Decision making activities are performed by humans.
    •  Execute at a fraction of the time without data entry errors.


  • Legacy systems
    • Leverage the UiPath RPA adapter to trigger RPA processes to execute in an unattended manner, when the target systems do not have APIs, or there is not Oracle Integration adaptor available. 
    • RPA robots offer alternative integration via application user interfaces.


  • BOT exceptions
    •  RPA Robots initiate human repeatable processes.
    •  If a robot cannot proceed (data problem, technical problem, others), the robot can delegate the exception to a process that involves knowledge workers (business or IT) who know how to handle problems
    •  The process retries transaction again via robot







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